Thursday, 30 May 2013

Astalift Intense Replumping Moisture Mask

I few months back I entered an Emerald Street twitter competition to win 1 of 10 new Astalift Intense Replumping Moisture Masks and win I did! I've been waiting to use this for ages & finally decided after a somewhat stressful week was taking its toll on my skin, now was the time for some TLC. 

Astalift flew onto the beauty scene in 2012 famed for its heritage as an off shoot from parent company Fujifilm and its magic key ingredient of super powerful, repairing and protective natural antioxidant, Astaxanthin. Each mask is infused with extremely high concentrations of Astaxanthin, nourishing Royal Jelly, skin-firming Elastin and three different types of collagen to moisturise and tighten skin.

The Intense Replumping Moisture Sheet Mask comes with 2 re-hydrating serum drenched fabric pieces that feel thick, luxurious and spa like (a world away from the other paper thin sheet masks in the business). After thoroughly cleansing my face I applied the bottom half of the sheet mask first (as instructed) positioning it over my mouth and lightly pulling the mask across the contours of my face in a slightly upward motion. I followed this promptly with the second half of the mask applying it over my eye area and then pulling it up to cover my forehead and smoothing across the rest of my face. The first thing I instantly noticed on application (aside from the perfectly pleasant smell) was the elasticity of the mask which provided the best possible fit and banished any feelings or worries of it falling off. 

I let the mask work its magic for 15 minutes and then gently removed it. The mask is infused with 35ml of serum which for a one time use provided more product than my skin could ever absorb! I was left with loads of residual serum on my face but not wanting to waste the wonder product I massaged the surplus into my face and neck area and left it to sink in. Although it does state on the pack not to use the mask repeatedly it's incredibly tempting as there was so much product left on the mask when I removed it. Between you & me, I've sealed them back up & will definitely be trying to get another use out of them! Anyway, 8 hours later (I applied the mask first thing on a day when leaving the house was not going to happen) the product had pretty much been absorbed but my skin did still feel very slightly tacky to the touch so I took a damp cotton wool pad and lightly wiped my skin clean. My face was left feeling incredibly soft, smooth & so moisturised! When applying make up later that evening it went on so beautifully. It seemed the tightening agent must have work too as my eye area seemed considerably more perky and awake than normal. Plus walking around the house looking like Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre for 15 minutes was pretty amusing! FYI - I'd definitely recommend using the mask in the evening & then allowing the serum to sink into your skin overnight to get the most from the product.

At £10 for one mask this is undoubtedly a luxury product but definitely one I would recommend for special occasions. It would be a great mask to use the night before a big event (pre wedding pamper) when you want your skin at its absolute best the next day. It'd also be ideal after a long haul flight or as a much needed moisture surge during a holiday featuring some serious sunbathing. Personally this isn't something I would splash out on regularly but definitely something I'd treat myself to a few times a year!