Monday, 22 April 2013

Tommy Guns Hair Care

Being somewhat of an aficionado of beauty products you would be forgiven for thinking hair washing is a favourite part of my routine. Unfortunately you couldn't be more wrong. The laborious task that takes place every other evening couldn't be more of a chore for me. How much I wish I could click my fingers & it'd be squeaky clean! With this is mind, bath & hair products are what I look to to make this process more enjoyable! I should probably mention at this point, I LOVE BATHS (that really would be weird otherwise) it's literally just the hair washing I hate! I've been searching for a new shampoo & conditioner for a while (previous favourites were the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo & Conditioner - check out my review here) & when mooching past the toiletries aisle in Waitrose the other week I was taken in by the somewhat swanky packaging of a range of hair care that I was not familiar with, enter Tommy Guns.

Aside from the aforementioned swanky packaging & branding, they also smelt divine & I opted in for the 3 for 2 offer (they're normally approx £5 each). I went for 2 shampoos (as I tend to get through those quicker) & one conditioner; Pomegranate & Orange Flower Shampoo, Pomegranate, Orange Flower & Hemp Conditioner and finally, the Blueberry & Ginseng Shampoo which I think smells super fruity & a little tiny bit like Cheeky Vimto (a personal beverage favourite and cause of all bad decisions from my university days)...! I know that sounds like a incredibly weird choice of scent to want to wash your hair with but it just works.

I opted for the Pomegranate & Orange Flower Shampoo (& Conditioner) because I wash my hair every other day and as this specified it was gentle enough for daily use I figured it'd be a good option! I love the citrus based scent but feel I should warn people it does smell rather sweet...but equally refreshing! It reminds me of cocktails & beaches. This shampoo gets my hair super clean but doesn't feel like it's stripping my hair of its essential oils too much which is lovely. It rinses off easily & doesn't take an age which again, is a massive added bonus for the hair washer hater over here! It just takes so long! 

Paired with his pal from above, I bought the Pomegranate Orange Flower & Hemp Conditioner to go hand in hand with the shampoo. Pretty much identical in scent, although the conditioner smells slightly creamier but just as divine! This leaves my hair nourished and smooth without weighing it down at all! As with all 3 of the Tommy Guns products I bought, the conditioner is free from silicone which is great & something I now always look for when shopping for hair care. 

Last but not least in my Tommy Guns trio, the lone ranger that is the Blueberry & Ginseng Shampoo! It just sounds perky doesn't it? That's exactly what it did to my hair! I felt like the scent of sweet blueberry goodness combined with herbal undertones (that'll be the ginseng) did wonders for my 'weak, limp, lifeless hair' (name that ad)! Again, this rinsed out so easily & I wasn't left feeling like there was a never ending amount of product in my hair but instead with squeaky clean uplifted locks!

Long story long, I'm such a fan & totally sold on Tommy Guns hair care! If sweet orange & cheeky vimto aren't your thing (God knows why!?) I know they've got quite a few other scents. I seriously can't wait to trawl the internet & see what other hair care products they have on offer. Where have you been all my life Tommy Guns? Who knows, dare I say it, maybe this is the pivotal moment in life where hair washing just doesn't seem so bad anymore...! Anyone else on the hair wash hating thing by the way? Or is it literally just me!? PS - yes I have duck grip stickers in my bath, it's ok to be jealous.