Sunday, 17 March 2013

Stila Flower Power Lip Glaze Trio

Fairly early on in life me & lip gloss decided we were not going to be friends mainly due to my phobia (exaggerated dislike) of all things sticky. Since this (perhaps rather rash) decision was made I have generally avoided this nemesis lip product with the exception of a few that were just too pretty to resist. 2012 saw me fall in love with the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipglosses and it looks like the lip gloss revival might just be here to stay! After perusing the Cult Beauty website (a recommendation I received direct from the lovely Olivia Inge on a photo shoot last week - her sister Alexia Inge is the co-founder of Cult Beauty) I discovered the Stila Flower Power Lip Glaze Trio & was instantly drawn to the gorgeous colour selection!

My package arrived promptly & I was delighted to see the colours were true to the pictures online! I love the packaging of the Stila Flower Power Lip Glaze Trio - floral & pink and reminiscent of Spring! I've always been a fan of the actual Stila lip gloss packaging too, I think it's quite unique!

Moving on to the gorgeous colour variety! First up from the Stila Flower Power Lip Glaze Trio we have Pink Orchid - a classic Fushia pink glaze filled with tiny holographic silver shimmer to ensure it sparkles on the lips! It's the kind of colour that reminds me of summer, holidays and cocktails. This looks best paired with a similar shade of lipstick for that extra je ne c'est quoi!

Next and by far my favourite of the 3, Peach Blossom (I've already checked to see if it's available in a full size, sadly it seems it's not). I put it on my lips with nothing else & instantly fell in love! As a very light peachy glaze packed with coral/pink shimmer it reflects the light beautifully and is so wearable. I think it looks best on its own or on top of a nude lipstick so the colour can speak for itself but think it might also look nice on top of a coral lipstick such as Costa Chic by Mac. I have no doubt that this will become a SS13 staple & will be used up in no time so if anyone knows any full size dupes please let me know! Bobbi Brown I'm looking at you.

Finally, the colour that initially drew me to the Flower Power Lip Glaze Trio in the first place, Lilac. Oh lilac (and/or Lavender). A huge obsession of mine at the moment! I'm sort of obsessed with lavender/lilac lipstick, no scrap that, just absolutely anything lavender coloured! So when I saw this purple glaze with lilac shimmer it HAD to be mine at once. The colour transfers to lips far more sheer than it appears in the tube (sadly) and is probably best worn over a more pastel lipstick - lilac or pink etc. Maybe I should try a fit the word lilac into this sentence once more for luck, lilac. 

As with all of the above, being lip glazes rather than lip gloss as such, they do appear rather sheer & I did initally think they would be more opaque. This isn't an issue with the Peach Blossom shade but with the other 2 they ideally need to be worn on top of another lip product to get the full effect but that doesn't take away from the fact that they really are gorgeous colours!

(L to R: Pink Orchid, Peach Blossom, Lilac)

The formulation of the Stila lip glazes are rather sticky sadly but then I guess that really saying something if I love the colours that much that I'm willing to put my phobia aside...! They don't dry out my lips & have fairly good staying power though you will need to reapply. 

If I had to have one negative it would probably be the price - not of the Flower Power Lip Glaze Trio as a whole which retails at a fair £12 working out at £4 per 1.5ml lip glaze but of full size Stila glosses! When scanning to see if there was a full size of the Peach Blossom available I saw that the full size lip glazes retail at £15 for 2.4ml of product which seems like an awful lot when you're not even getting double the product of the trio sizes but yet being charged nearly 4 times the price!? That said, I guess more fool me as I'd still fork out for a full size of Peach Blossom but perhaps luckily for me & my purse, it's yet to exist!

All in all? I think the Stila Lip Glazes are where it's at as it's a great way to sample their colour range. I'll definitely be checking out the other trio sets of which there are quite a few! Pleased as punch with my new finds & strongly advise you to check these out along with the Cult Beauty website if you haven't already!



  1. Ohh I love the shimmers in these. Peach Blossom looks like it's right up my street. The only problem I have with these Stila gloss trios is that they don't last long for me. I don't know if I twist up too much product or I'm just a lip gloss whore who applies too often. Doesn't stop me from buying them though =) xx

    1. No it's so true! I think you pay quite a lot of money for not much product :/ like you said though, we still seem to buy them! More fool us! Haha xCx

  2. These look gorgeous :) x

  3. I love the peach blossom colour its such a pretty colour! :D These look fantastic I really want to get them now1 :) Your blog is soo cute im following now!
    Sofia x

    1. Thanks so much Sofia! Hope you treat yourself to some! :) xCx

  4. I really like the Pink Blossom one :)
    Gonna have to get my hands on some of these!
    Great review:) I'm now following!

  5. i love these colours! do you know how these compare with the e.l.f. twist-up lip glosses, because they seem to be a dupe for them (just by the look of them). thanks for the post!


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