Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sleek Corrector & Concealer Palette

Although I've been in a serious long term relationship with my collection 2000 concealer recently I've started to get a little bored with it & was intrigued to see in there was anything else on the market that would take my fancy. I've been really keen to try the Laura Mercier Undercover Pot but pay day seemed a little too far away for me to splash out on a £30 concealer. Hence why I was so pleased when I spotted Sleek's inexpensive version of the 3-in-1 concealer!

 In traditional Sleek slimline packaging with a large mirror (making it perfect for travelling & on the go touch ups) the palette holds (L-R) a correcter, a concealer & a setting powder to brighten, conceal & set your eye area. It may seem like a minor detail but I love that this palette has a mirror & a decent sized one at that! More often that not when I'm on the go one of the key things I'll be looking to touch up is any areas where my foundation may have started to 'wear' so any blemishes, redness or even smudged eye make up. This palette & mirror allows me to attend to all & any of these with ease!

Using the products in the order they appear, first I use the lighter correcter colour to brighten & lift the appearance of my eye area by banishing any dark circles. The second darker colour is your concealer which I apply on top of the corrector to neutralise any colour differences & add more coverage to my eye area. The concealer is quite dark for me I tend to mix the 2 colours for my perfect day-to-day shade! I opted for the palette in '02' (available in 5 shades) which is probably why the concealer is a bit too dark. So a tip for when opting for your shade - you want the middle palette colour is be similar to your foundation colour to avoid too much colour difference. I don't know who this pasty English girl thought she was kidding when she opted for '02'...!

Finally, I apply the setting powder if I feel its needed. I have a separate Shiseido setting powder which I use all over my face so I only tend to use a little of this powder if I'm on the go. I tend to avoid using a targeted setting powder as I think it can dry out the creamy consistency of the concealers. Although primarily an eye palette as with most concealing products I also use this on blemishes & it works just fine. 

As for staying powder this is pretty good, no nothing special but it'll do especially for touch ups. It does crease slightly under eye but nothing drastic and I do find this the case to some extent with most under eye concealers I use. At £7.99 it sits happily in my daily travel make up bag and no doubt will do for the foreseeable future!



  1. I really want to try this as there is not many correctors you can find on the highstreet! :)

    Megan x

  2. I've been thinking about trying this out and for £7.99 think I'll definitely pick it up!

  3. Ooh i haven't seen this, looks decent though :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  4. looks great, nice review and nice blog.

  5. Seems like a really handy palette to have! Lovely review :) Just followed.

    Latasha x | Le Powder Room


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