Monday, 18 February 2013

No7 Cleansing Brush

The infamous rotating electronic cleansing brush that is the Clarisonic shook up the skin care world last year with promises of radiant deeply cleansed skin in minutes. Snatched up by all those who could afford it & lusted after by all those who couldn't (myself included)! I just couldn't quite bring myself to splash over £100 on a product that may have still just been riding the hype bus especially with complaints & compliments beginning to rise at an equal measure. Still, always being one keen to make up my own mind, it's been on my 'products to buy' list for coming up to a year! So you can imagine my excitement when I strolled past this nifty device in Boots last week, a full on double take ensued. A potential dupe for the Clarisonic for £15 (normally £25 but currently on introductory offer)!? I snatched up the last one on the display (the beaut gods were on my side) & headed straight to the No7 counter to double check my eyes weren't deceiving me!

As we've established I don't have a Clarisonic so this isn't really a comparison but what I can give you is my run down of the new competition in town. The No7 Cleansing Brush has 2 settings; one slower, one faster (I rarely feel the need to use the second speed setting) & you just click the button to flick between the 2 settings/off. This brush is fully oscillating & does spin rather fast, that said my skin is moderately sensitive & it doesn't bother me at all (except for on the apples of my cheeks slightly) but I do opt to use this every other night rather than daily. The bristles are incredibly soft & non abrasive so there's nothing to worry about there. All that said, if you have dry or overly sensitive skin then this product probably isn't for you. 

Unfortunately the handset isn't waterproof, it does have a liquid protective seal around the battery compartment but I think this is more splash/rinse proof than anything else. Yes, it's battery operated unlike the Clarisonic which is chargeable - if this bothers you then just grab some rechargeable batteries & voila! Problem solved!

Most importantly? As expected this leaves my skin feeling deeply cleansed & super smooth. Even after I've used my Bioderma the No 7 Cleansing Brush together with the Vichy Purete Thermale Foaming Water still appears to remove even more 'dirt' that definitely isn't visable to the human eye! I know some people actually use these cleansing brushes to remove their make up but I'm just not keen on the idea of actually working my make up into my skin so instead I use this as the last step in my skin cleansing routine. 

Moving on, the No. 7 doesn't have a cap like the Clarisonic which is a disadvantage & would be preferable for travelling etc. Like with the Clarisonic the brush head is removable though (replacements will soon be available in Boots - approx £8 for 2) which is great as they can always be stored separately when it comes to travelling in addition the fact that your able to replace the brush head as soon as it starts to see a bit of wear & tear! 

As mentioned, I also picked up the Vichy Purete Thermale Foaming Water to use with the No 7 Cleansing Brush. I wanted to use a brand that I knew is infamous for quality skin care as I was initially worried about how many skin would react to such an intensive clean & definitely didn't want to be working a product I didn't trust into my skin. This was the perfect product! It smells gorgeous, it doesn't dry out my skin at all & lathers up really well! It's ideal for sensitive skin too!

Maybe I'm clouded by the amazing bargain I feel I just received but I have to say, I waiting to see where the £100 + difference between the No 7 Cleansing Brush & the Clarisonic can be justified. I'll pass on a plastic cap for that amount of money thanks very much! I know that the main difference between these 2 devices is that the No 7 brush oscillates fully whereas the Clarisonic seems to rotate side to side. This is yet to bother me, my skin or my purse! If you want this beauty for £15 then you better be quick! I'm pretty sure the brush is reverting back to it's normal price of £25 on the 20th February! I say that like it's the end of the world, it's still a total steal!



  1. I picked this up at the weekend buut I'm waiting for my Liz Earle c&p to arrive to use it!:D Did your brush shed at all?Xxx

  2. Ahhh what an incredible deal! Fingers crossed I can find it in Boots tomorrow! XO

  3. MY mam picked me up one of these last week, I haven't seen her to get it yet but I'm getting it on Sunday. I'm so excited to try!

  4. I remember being shocked when I saw no7 were releasing this. I have the Tresonic which is pricier than this but way cheaper than the clarisonic :)

  5. I hope they will be available in the states soon! There's always the Olay Pro X until then! Do you in the UK have the Olay brush and products?

    I'm interested to know how you feel about the Boots skincare products vs. Vichy, and which you think is better quality???? It's hard to tell. I have this Vichy pink cleanser and two from Boots, the All Bright Foam and the Mattifying Foam. I like both of them. I feel the Vichy is a little gentler for some reason. What do you think?


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