Monday, 26 November 2012

My Christmas Beauty Wishlist 2012

Beautysets - Christmas Wishlist

I love Christmas lit (as I like to call it) from gift guides to things to do and places to go, I just can't get enough of it! By far my favourite thing to gander at or hear about is what's on peoples Christmas wishlists. Not only does it inevitably introduce me to new products that I end up wanting equally as much but it also satisfies an overwhelming urge of intrigue nosiness! You can tell a lot about a person by what they put on their Christmas wishlist don't ya know? On the off chance that you might share my love of lists, be at a loss for ideas or just pure nosy  here is my Christmas Beauty Wishlist for 2012. Oh & I'd also like an iPhone 5 (and/or puppy).

Clarins Odyssey Eye Palette

This was a tough one as I decided I would only put 1 eye palette on my list & it was a difficult toss up between this and the Tom Ford Eye Colour Quad in Titanium Smoke. That said looking at the colours it's obvious I'd get the most use out of this one. I adore this palette & it's easy to see that it's the gorgeous packaging and (top right) gold leaf colour that really sets this eye quad palette apart. It's one of those products that looks so luxurious that I know I won't be able to help but feel super swish (yup, swish) when using it.

Alpha H Liquid Gold

One of the most hyped skin care products of 2012. Recommended by the world and its dog. I desperately want to see what all the fuss is about. Simples.

Jemma Kidd Make Up Secrets Book

RIP to her phenomenal cosmetics line, though she does swear it'll be back! Due to their administration woes the Jemma Kidd website is no more but that hasn't stopped her releasing a new book just in time for Christmas! I've had a flick through online and this make up manual is packed with tips & tricks & looks like a positively epic read.

YSL Touche Eclat Foundation

When I first heard about this I was skeptical, when I picked up my sample from the counter I was dubious, when I wore it for 2 weeks straight until I had scraped out every last drop from my tester? Yeah it was around about then that I knew it was love. I'm BR30, y'know just for reference.

Chanel Coco Noir Pefume

By far my favourite of the Chanel fragrances, even surpassing my love affair with Coco Mademoiselle. With base notes of white musk & sandalwood (2 personal favourites), floral mid notes and top notes of grapefruit and bergamot this is definitely a warm fragrance with a lot of depth yet one that still manages to feel refreshing & not be too heavy (as can sometimes be the case with other Chanel perfumes). The perfect winter fragrance. 

Mac Ever So Rich Cremesheen Lip Gloss

I'm currently obsessed with all things lavender or lilac & that love defintely extends to lips. In fact obsession aside I've always been a fan of purple lips in any shade. I'm looking for another gloss to join my Revlon Lilac Pastelle and it looks like Ever So Rich has made the cut.

Ahava Mineral Body Lotion (Deadsea Water)

I recieved a sample of this in a Glossybox ages ago and adored it. It absorbed into my skin so quickly, kept it really well moisturised & smelt divine. I don't know why I haven't got round to buying it myself but I found the sample that I'd been saving the other day & it reminded me to add it to my list!

Caudalie Beauty Elixir 

I discovered this much earlier in the year and it's been part of my daily make up routine ever since. I'm in need of a refill and it's a little of the pricey side so I'd appreciate some help from Santa! 

So that's it for my beauty Christmas wishlist! Hopefully if nothing else it's given you a few ideas on maybe what to add to yours! If you've got a wishlist leave me your link below or tell me what the products on top of your list are.


Sunday, 18 November 2012

Crabtree & Evelyn 60 Second Fix For Hands (Gardeners)

It's pretty much become a running joke in our family that every year I end up buying my mum hand cream as one of her Christmas presents! To add to the fun poking it's also always the same one! But every year without fail it's 1 of the only things my mum asks for so I figured if you're onto a good thing why change it! I should probably mentioned at this point how incredibly difficult my mum is to buy for (think Rachel from Friends). Finally I thought I had see what all the fuss was about & gave the hand care duo a test run. The outcome? I totally get it & the full size set is now on my annual Christmas list too! This combination of hand exfoliant followed by a nourishing cream continually leaves my hands feeling the softest they've ever felt!

The set comes with 2 bottles; a Hand Recovery & a Hand Therapy. The Hand Recovery is a very gritty exfoliant to be rubbed into dry hands for about a minute (this involves some serious scrubbing). You then rinse it off under warm water & pat dry. You're hands will instantly feel indescribably smooth & soft. 

The second product is the Hand Therapy (aka hand cream). As I repeatedly mention on here I hate any moisturisers, face cream or general products that just sit on my skin for ages & don't sink in or those that leave it feeling in any way greasy. The surprising result of this cream is that although it appears really thick it sinks into your hands so quickly making them feel even more nourished & luxurious than the scrub did! 
I can't recommend this hand care set enough especially while we're having to endure the raging elements of the winter months which wreak havoc on our skin. This is the perfect gift for your mum, sister, auntie, friend or just anyone who doesn't have the luxury of having soft supple hands all year round!
The set is available in either this mini size (see above) for £8 or full size for £24. It also comes in a few various scents but my personal favourite is 'Gardeners' (seen in this post) purely because it reminds me of my mum :)

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Thinking back now to the days when I applied pretty much all make up with my finger tips it's hard to comprehend just how reliant I now am on brushes. Believing that foundation is the most important of cosmetic applications means I'm always front of the line to try a new foundation brush. I've adopted all of the major contenders from Jemma Kidd's Flat Top Foundation Brush (9) and Mac's 187 to Sigma's F60 and the beauty blender - I've got more than my fair share to say the least! So when I heard there was a new brush in town, the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush was just asking to be bought. Yes, I know this has been out for a while now but you see try as I might to reason with myself that I didn't need ANOTHER foundation brush I eventually caved and so bought it I did. 

Lets get straight to it, I adore this brush. If I had to use only 1 foundation brush for the rest of my days this would be it & I wouldn't mind one bit. In the past I would use various foundation brushes depending on what type of base I was using; cream, mousse, liquid etc. I've tried & tested the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush out with all of the above & I'm left with flawless results every time! The density of the fibers & the curved design of the brush head allows you to
 smooth and buff your foundation into every inch of your face.

I'm not mad about the aesthetics but the brushes are designed with maximum comfort & agility while applying your foundation in mind. I think it's probably more the burnt orange colour than anything else that I dislike. It's definitely not a drawback worth dwelling on though given the rest of its credentials!

The flat rubber end means this can stand up on your vanity, shelf or designated make up area easily. Handy as this means if you set it down temporarily it doesn't pick up any germs! In addition to that I love how soft the fibers are (made from synthetic taklon & totally cruelty free FYI) & how easily it washes! With all the above I still can't quite get over how cheap it is at just £9.99! I'd happily pay triple that - I kid you not.

As you can see from the above rave, I can't recommend this beauty enough! If you're even remotely considering purchasing something from the Real Techniques collection I implore you to make sure it's this! Serious snaps to Samantha Chapman. Have you tried anything else from the collection? Let me know if you have any recommendations. 


Sunday, 4 November 2012

Rimmel Kate Moss Matte 107 Lipstick

I've come to realise (with a little help from the autumnal weather of late) that vampy, berry, darker lipstick are by far one of my favourite categories. I do love a pink lipstick, god knows I have enough of them but strangely I actually find the deeper red/purple colours easier to wear maybe just because I think they suit me better. I have a couple of colours from the earlier Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipstick Collection so was keen to see what her new matte collection had to offer! 

There were 5 colour released however it was just the one that caught my eye & that was 107 - a deep berry red colour. To be fair, I was drawn to the collection for the matte finish & my love of the previous collections formulation rather than expecting anything particularly revolutionary in terms of colours. I'm quite the fan of matte finishes and particularly so with darker lipsticks as I tend to find this means they'll have better staying power which was definitely the case with 107. 

It has quite a creamy consistency on first application but as expected with matte lipstick, the formulation is a little drying after a while but not to the extent that it bothers me or would stop me wearing it. The pigmentation is very impressive! 1 coat will give you a classic berry red but layer this up and it'll create a deeper plummy red shade. Let it dry and it'll stay put amazingly well, there's little wear to the colour at all.

All in all, I'm very impressed! Especially as it retails for only £5.49! This is already one of my go to autumn/winter lipsticks and have no doubt it'll continue to be. It's just a shame I'm not drawn to any of the other colours (yet)! Have you tried anything from the Kate Moss for Rimmel Matte Lipstick Collection yet?


Thursday, 1 November 2012

My Instamonth: October 2012

Drumroll please. A new feature for What She Said! This is going be one of those "My Week in Photos" type posts, except I'll be doing them monthly & enlisting the help of my trusty friend, Instagram. Like most of you, I read heaps of other blogs and the ones I love the most tend to be those that I can relate to in some way. Knowing a bit about the person behind the posts can sometimes help you connect more with a blog which is nice in this internet world which is full of faces behind screens! So, I hope you enjoy and maybe even find that we have something in common (aside from our cosmetic obsession that is)!

Spending the day with gorgeous friends even more gorgeous Nephew
When Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter made my day
Friends feline (Charlie) loves to sit back & chillax with the iPad
Candle sale win - another obsession of mine
Green & Spring Anti-Bac Hang Gel from Fenwick
FOTD for family lunch
My wristband from London Cocktail Week
Party Popper Bath Bomb from Lush
Sick day spent in bed
New Cath Kidston Duvet from John Lewis
Jemma Kidd haul (had to stock up once I heard the sad news)
Occasionally Charlie stands in as Simba when we fancying singing Circle of Life
Strawberry & Lime Rekorderlig - I have so much love for this drink
Biting the bullet & deciding to turn my dip dye lilac
Undoubtedly the album of my month - Halcyon by Ellie Goulding
Midweek cocktails with the girls
Reminder email for Delilah gig
Catching up on old Bond ahead of new Bond
Caviar manicure using MUA Gemini
Cosy night in & delicious home made dinner at a friends place
Co-ordinating nails with new hair
The results of said pastel dip dye
Giant Halloween cupcake
Glitter nails using Accessorize's 3D in Magic
Bemused by Topshops new bondage & bowl cuts trend
Shopping day & animal hat foolery with the girls
Topping off the month watching the amazing Delilah live at Shepard's Bush Empire

How was your October?