Saturday, 22 September 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

Anyone who's seen my make up collection recently will be able to tell you that my lipstick draw is pretty much jam packed! However this hasn't stopped me from buying 3 of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stains in very quick succession of each other! I've fallen hook, line & sinker for these suckers & would even go as far as to say they're my favourite lip product. Well, at least at the moment they are! Don't want to go around saying things I can't take back!

I love lip colour but sometimes it scares me a tad (especially in the day) & I'm guilty of building a stash of colours that are often reserved for nights out. These lip balm stains makes wearing lip colour SO easy. They're subtle enough for those who are just looking for a hint of colour but also incredibly buildable! Can a lip product be buildable? Well these are! Some swatches I've seen just don't do this colour pay off justice but trust me, apply a good few layers & these gorgeous shades can really pack a punch!  

As described in their mouthful of a product name these beauties are classified as a balm/stain hybrid and they don't fail to live up to their name! Granted the glossy finish doesn't stick around forever & you will need to reapply every so often but these do leave behind an impressive stain that'll keep your colour in place until you get the chance to top up. There balm/stain formulation also makes these incredibly easy to apply & don't ever worry about them smudging. They keep my lips moisturised & looking nourished. Personally I don't find these drying (which is really rather impressive for a stain product) but if you do, a quick top up will sort you out! 

(L to R - 020 Lovesick, 015 Cherish, 010 Darling) 

 Moving on to shades, sadly only 7 of the 12 strong collection have made it across the pond from the US (why must you deprive us so?) but nonetheless the assortment is varied from nudes & pinks to reds & plums - there's something for everyone. So far I've picked up 3 shades; Lovesick, Cherish and Darling and I've no doubt they'll be more additions to their little family soon! One thing I did notice while snapping some shots for this post is how impossibly difficult it is to take symmetrical photos of your mouth!? If any other bloggers have tips please let me in on your secret!

(020 - Lovesick)

The first to capture my heart was Lovesick. It's undoubtedly the most pigmented of the 3 shades and therefore naturally the longest wearing. I love the bright raspberry fushia colour and think it'll be lovely for winter for those of us who don't feel we can't pull off the full on bright red festive lip! 

(015 - Cherish)

Next up I bought Cherish, a gorgeous Barbie pastel pink shade. As this is the lightest of the colours I picked up it lets through more of your natural lip colour than the other shades did. This is probably why there is a more noticeable difference between the swatch and the shade seen here on application. I'd also say this is the most wearable shade of the 3 I picked.

(010 - Darling)

Finally, last but definitely not least as I think this just might be my favourite of the trio, this is Darling. It's the most unique of the collection being a lovely violet colour. I don't own any other colours like this which probably makes it an easy win as I have far more light pinks & fushias but it also seems to really compliment my slightly tanned somewhat pale complexion!  

Finally, just to reiterate how long wearing these really are, I took this photo are wiping the swatches about 5 times with a cotton pad and my Bioderma cleanser! I'm 110% sold on these and I've finally found the WOW factor I was looking for from Revlon after their Lip Butters failed to win me over. I can promise you my collection of Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains will only be getting bigger! If you've got any shades that you'd recommend please do let me know!


Sunday, 16 September 2012

NOTD - Galaxy Splendor by AA & Duri

The disco nail (as I like to call it) is a favourite look of mine. For nails to fall into the disco category they simply have to be multicoloured & glittery. There are many takes on this look floating round the webbernet but my favourite creations often feature Galaxy from American Apparel which is essentially just big pieces of hexagonal multicoloured glitter sitting in a clear gel (aka greatness). 

As tempting as it looks, if you think you can just dunk the brush in & sweep this on to your nails, unfortunately you're mistaken. It's somewhat impossible to apply & I've found it best to employ a wipe (on the side of the bottle) & dab (onto your nail) technique. 

To create this look I applied 2 coats of Stay in Splendor by Duri (an American brand that I hadn't heard of before my friend kindly bought this bottle for me but I think they specialise in nail products). I really love this is colour, it's a bright primary orange shade but do note that it comes out less coral than it appears in the bottle (see photo above). It has a semi matte finish so be sure to apply a glossy top coat if you want extra shine. 

You can obviously create this look using any base colour but the secret ingredient is American Apparels glitter polish in Galaxy. I wipe the brush on the side of the bottle until a single piece of glitter is at the bottom of the brush and then I dab that on my nail. Keep a toothpick on hand to help you move each piece into place as things can get a little fiddly! When you're happy with the finished look cover with a generous top coat, I used Sally Hansen Instra-Dri, and you're good to go! I'm slightly skeptical about how well these will go down at work but I think it's a fun look for the parties, nights out, festivals and definitely NYE!


Monday, 10 September 2012

Inseparables by Paul & Joe

Last week I popped down to Selfridges for afternoon tea and a shop with some of my favourite ladies! I'm completely in love with the new beauty section in Selfridges (opposite confectionery). It's full of various brands that don't have an actual counter so had previously not been accommodated in the main beauty hall. It's well worth a visit! While there I stumbled upon the Paul & Joe section and discovered that they've released some limited edition products to celebrate their 10 year anniversary including 3 blushers.

I wanted all 3 but eventually settled on Inseparables - it seems I just can't get enough of peach toned blushers! My second option definitely would have been True Love though. I'm head over heels in love with all their vintage style packaging which is definitely what drew me in in the first place as am not that familiar with Paul & Joe cosmetics. It's safe to say they've got themselves a new fan now though!

In addition to being my favourite shade out of the 3 option available, Inseparables also featured my favourite packaging design! Pink with pelicans? Total win. My only complaint is that the pots are rather small and at £20 I feel they could have been a little bigger. Perhaps remove the little brush, as soft & cute as it is, we all know they're rarely ever used! I'd rather the additional cost spent on a brush be used to increase the circumference of the product that way my own blush brush would be able to fit in it easily with room to swirl!

I love that the blush pots include 2 colours which can be used separately or swirled together and that one is slightly more matte and the other has a bit more shimmer to it. In this case, the shimmery shade is the central peach colour and the outer pink colour is matte. The 2 lovebirds imprinted into the blush adds the perfect finishing touch!

As for the colour, it's a gorgeous peachy pink shade and not as light as you might initially think as the pink really adds some depth to the colour. In my opinion it has the perfect amount of shimmer to it. The product is also really pigmented which although may mean you have to be careful with application it so means it'll last much longer which is never a bad thing!

If you've got any Paul & Joe products that you'd recommend I'd love to know! I'd happily buy all 3 of these blushers as I they're well worth the money as a lot of thought has clearly gone into each element of the product bu then again, the idea of spending £60 on blusher is a bit of a reality check. Although, maybe if I bought like 1 a month? I'm sure that wouldn't seem so bad...would it? On second thoughts, better not answer that.


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Babyliss Thermo Ceramic Heated Rollers

I'm always intrigued by pretty much any appliance that promises me and my hair gorgeous voluminousness curls to rival the cast of TOWIE. I've tried various sprays and mousses, spent one incredibly uncomfortable night sporting foam curlers, laboured through the laborious process of curling with my GHDs and even invested in a conical wand so really purchasing a set of heated rollers just seemed like the next logical step. Many of the aforementioned products & procedures have been a commendable success but in terms of ease? Well, my new Babyliss Heated Rollers win hands down!

I did a bit of research before buying the Babyliss Heated Rollers as there are quite a few different brands out there that make these bad boys but the main thing I learnt was that essentially they're all the same! Yup, that was worth trawling the internet for 2 hours to find out. I'm sure super cheap ones might not be that fab as with most things, you get what you pay for but these cost £30 and they're great. I can't ever imagine being able to justify spending £50 or £70 on heated rollers (which is the price of some other sets that I looked at).

The Babyliss Thermo Ceramic Rollers Set comes with 20 rollers. 6 small, 6 medium and 8 large. Further to that there are also 10 clips and 20 pins. I prefer using the clips as the pins are more fiddly and don't hold your hair in as well so really wish they'd given more clips instead! While I'm complaining, the only other downside to this product is that there is no where to store the clips/pins - it could be great if there was a compartment in the base or something similar. There is a heat dial on the front of the case which I tend to leave on the highest setting but if you're more proactive about protecting your hair from heat damage than I am, the option is there to turn it down. This is also where you'll find the on/off button. 

There is a red dot on one of the central curlers, when the curlers are hot enough (close lid when heating) the dot will turn white. Babyliss say this will take 5 minutes but to be honest I tend to leave them in there for about 10 minutes to make sure the curlers are hot through (they're still completely touchable though). Babyliss say to leave the curlers in your hair for 10 minutes and then you'll be good to go but again, I leave them in for far longer! Probs about 30 - 40 mins while I finish getting ready and then just take them out at the last minute!

I adore the perfectly natural curls you get with the Babyliss Thermo Ceramic Heated Rollers Set and just feel they're so easy to use. You literally unclip the rollers, your curls fall down, shake them out then style and you're good to go! I use hair spray or a bit of curling mousse to help them retain their shape but generally their staying power is pretty impressive. I think this is due to the heat being on them for so long, opposed to a conical wand (or similar) where its only a few seconds. Yay for dip dyed curls below!

For the record, I'm 100% make up free in the photo below, yup, not a scrap. So we've whacked me in sepia so it's slightly less scary! Hope this gives you all a good idea of the kind of curls you can create with the Babyliss Heated Rollers Set. In terms of styling - all I've done below is clipped back part of my hair with some bobby pins!

Hope you've enjoyed this post! If you've got any favourite curling tools or are thinking about investing in a heated rollers set, let me know in the comments below!