Sunday, 12 August 2012

Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35

Unless you've been living under a rock, no doubt you're all aware that the BB Cream phenomenon has taken the UK beauty scene by storm & it's pretty easy to see why! A miracle skincare/make up hybrid that claims to prime, conceal, brighten & moisturise? Yes please! Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of the products in Asia many brands have recognised a gap in the British beauty market and jumped on the BB bandwagon with Bobbi Brown as no exception!
Bobbi Brown's take on BB Cream has been a long time coming & naturally I had high expectations from the connoisseurs of natural make up. You'll be delighted to hear I wasn't disappointed! The instant difference that sets this BB cream apart is its colour range. Traditionally BB Cream has had more of a one shade suits all approach and it's refreshing to see that Bobbi Brown's version is available in 5 shades; Extra Light, Light, Fair, Medium and Medium to Dark.

Application is a total dream. The consistency is that of a light cream which means it needs less attention than tricky liquid products. It blends beautifully and goes on so smoothly that this can easily be applied without a mirror or brush and instead just smoothed onto the skin with fingertips – a method I've tried & tested!
In terms of where this sits on your make up counter, it would be somewhere between your foundation & tinted moisturiser (very close to your tinted moisturiser), in fact it could easily knock it off the table & into the bin! The reason being, that it has similar coverage to a tinted moisturiser but is far more beneficial to your skin and wears longer. Along with SPF 35 the Bobbi Brown BB cream boasts a myriad of benefits including; brightened skin, diminished appearance of fine lines, reduced redness and minimized pores. I haven't been using it long enough to report back on all of these claims but I'm happy to buy into it for now and for the most part the ingredients seem to be doing their job!
(Bobbi Brown BB Cream in Light)
I must admit, although excited I was a little skeptical to try this product. My main issue with BB Creams and tinted moisturisers has always been that they often leave you looking too shiny & dewy for my liking. Considering this is a product that I'd get the most use out of in summer that really isn't what you want! However this finish is fairly matte, which may not be everyone cups of tea but is perfect for me as I prefer to use other products to highlight. That said, it still leaves your skin with a natural glow, evens your skin tone & generally gives a very natural finish. You will need concealer to cover problem areas & this is definitely a product I'd feel most confident reserving for summer months & good skin days when you just want a bit of light coverage.
The Bobbi Brown BB Cream (SPF 35) is such a versatile product that I have no doubt it'll slot easily into anyone's make routine whether you use it as a primer under other makeup, on its own to create a natural look or simply when you're out & about in the sun and fancy making your face look a little bit more gorgeous.
(Bobbi Brown BB Cream in Light)

The Bobbi Brown BB Cream is available exclusively at Bobbi Brown counters in John Lewis until the end of August extending to other retailers after this time. If you can recommend any other BB creams that you think I'll like then let me know in the comments section below & I might just give them a whirl! 

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