Monday, 21 May 2012

NOTD - Adrenalin by Topshop Nails

Friends & I recently rehashed a shopping route which I hadn't taken for ages. A busy & equally stressful struggle shop through the pandemonium that is Oxford St. We started in the basement of Topshop & while one of our trio tackled the mile long returns queue, myself & the other engaged in an in depth analysis of the shoe department. Conclusions: Chloe Greens shoe collection is surprisingly good, we don't mind creepers but they're definitely not for us and we're a fan of platform trainers but only in certain colours & styles. We eventually meandered up to the top floor where I soon found myself in my element, the make up section. 

I've wanted to try one of the Topshop glitter nail polishes for ages but have been struggling to decide between Ice Crush, Adrenalin & Razzmatazz. With the help of my shopping support group I eventually went for Adrenalin, which is the pink based option out of the 3 because, well, it's pink, need I say more.

Adrenalin features holographic glitter in a transparent pink based polish. The glitter is a mix of normal circular flecks and larger hexagonal pieces which is a favourite combination of mine as it gives the appearance of depth to the polish! I absolutely love this nail polish, in fact I'd go as far to say that it's one of my favourites & I have a pretty huge collection (50+)! I'll definitely be buying Razzmatazz (the blue/purple toned version) next time I'm in Topshop. I think the reason I love these 2 in particular is because they have a coloured gel base instead of just being a standard clear glitter (Ice Crush). The pink in this adds a gorgeous undertone & I imagine the blue/purple option (Razzmatazz) will do the same.  

This looks stunning worn on it's own but you'll need 3 coats to get full coverage. It can also be worn over other colours for a variety of looks. It hasn't chipped on me yet but it has started to ware slightly on the tip (though I find this the case with most polishes unless I'm meticulous in applying my top coat over the top of my nails). The only thing I dread is removing it...!

Available for £6 from Topshop


Monday, 7 May 2012

Hey, Sailor! Mac Summer 2012 Collection

Last week I learnt that one of my favourite things about business meetings in Covent Garden is how close I am to the Mac Pro Store at all times. After said meeting I popped along to Mac to check out their new summer 2012 collection, Hey, Sailor! 

As beautiful as Mac collections are, it's not often I find one that I love this much! I think the main reason I like this collection so much is because the majority of the products are really wearable. There were 2 products that instantly stood out for me, the highlighter in Crew and the Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Saunter.

 I was instantly drawn to the highlighter - the design is ever so slightly irresistible don't you think!? I swatched the product and it appeared on my hand as a beautiful pink shimmery blush! Well, at this point I thought it was a blush but on closer inspection actually reading the packaging I realised it appears to be classed as a highlighter. 

This threw me slightly as I started to worry that perhaps it was too shimmery to be a blush, maybe it just looked pink under store lighting etc. I recruited the help of Mac Man (not an actual superhero, just a human of male persuasion working at Mac) and explained my dilemma to him. He felt the product wouldn't work as a blush as it isn't pigmented enough but that depended on how dark you liked your blusher. As I'm fairly pale & don't tend to air on the side of clown, I purchased it anyway & am so glad I did. I tried it out properly as soon as I got home & it's the most gorgeous, bright rose pink colour & the highlighter aspect adds the perfect amount of shimmer. I think this is definitely pigmented enough to be a classed as a blusher.

Since purchase I've heard a lot of rumours flying around the beauty world that these stripes, which give this product it's gorgeous colour & blush properties are actually only sprayed on & don't run all the way through the product. I've done a lot of research and it seems the general consensus is that this isn't the case & the stripes do in fact run all the way through the product and are not just an overspray! Phew.

The other gem I picked up from the Hey, Sailor! Collection was the Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Saunter. I've been after a nude lip pencil for a while but haven't been that active about finding one! Any I've tested in the past have been too dark or too orange but all prayers have been answered with this pencil! 

It's the perfect nude shade with a creamy consistency which makes it glide on easily & true to traditional Pro Longwear Lip Pencil style, once it dries it doesn't budge. That said, if you want to smudge this into your lip after you've applied it for a softer effect, do it quick because it really does dry very fast! It's perfect for adding more definition to nude lip & help stop that whole 'lips blended into face' look!

As anyone with a rather large lipstick collection knows, you don't always have a lip liner to match every shade but as this is the perfect neutral colour I've found it's perfect for lightly lining your lips when putting on a darker lipstick! It stops my lipstick smudging and I've also used it to cover up any light colour stain smudges that have occurred while I've been out. Another top tip, if you're looking for a nude eyeliner to line your waterline with (in a bid to brighten your eyes & make them seem bigger) then this is ideal!

The limited edition Mac highlighter in Crew costs £21.50 and the Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Saunter retails for £14.50. Other items from the collection that I think are worth a look are their range of bronzers! I think I would have bought one had I not just treated myself to Laguna from Nars. Also, the Hey, Sailor! Lipglass in Orange Tempera looked rather gorgeous!

Let me know in the comments below what you loved from the collection & if you've got any recommendation for me!