Saturday, 21 April 2012

St Tropez Everyday Face Moisturiser

Everyone looks better with a tan. Literally, everyone. Ok, yes there are a few people out there who rock the English rose look to perfection but that said, generally, on the whole, as a rule, I personally think, most people, look better with a tan! Faking it is a poor substitute for the real thing, as I often think it's not as much about being brown, as it is about that healthy sun kissed glow and natural radiance that you get after a week in the sun (preferably longer). Alas, for the majority of the year, bottles of the brown stuff & strategically placed highlighter is as close as we can get.

Sun worshiping session over, I'd like to tell you about my new favourite product from the world of tan! All hale the St Tropez Everyday Face Moisturiser from the 'Gradual Tan' range. As is always the case, a tan lasts longer on your body (fake or real) than it does on your face purely because you're constantly washing your face, applying make up, removing make up, exfoliating, cleansing, toning etc. It's infuriating as I believe a tanned face, is a better face. On a casual peruse around the aisles of Boots I came across the St Tropez Everyday Face Moisturiser and although pricey at £14.39 for 50ml, I thought I'd give it a try and substituted my regular moisturiser for one that promised to make me brown. I applied it one night and by morning, no difference. I wasn't expecting miracles but I was expecting something. I had even bought the Dark/Medium version opposed to the Light/Medium in a bid for a slightly darker tan! I applied it again that morning and by the evening my whole opinion of the product changed, I had clearly been incredibly impatient as in less than 24hrs I had the results I was looking for! My face looked subtly tanned and any signs of facial pastiness had been banished. I've continued to use this once a day since and absolutely love it!

I love the fact that I now wear less foundation as my skin instantly looks better and my complexion appears clearer. My face now seems rid of any apparent discoloration or hyper pigmentation which are probably 2 of the main reasons I actually wear foundation. I should explain that I'm not claiming that this product actually makes your skin any clearer etc, all it simply does is give you a subtle and maintained facial tan but because of that my skin appears better. It smells gorgeous and that trademark fake tan scent have been replaced with a lovely floral concoction. If I wasn't already pleased enough with my newly bronzed skin, the fact that this product is also a great moisturiser would have sealed the deal. It is a white gel like lotion that sinks in quickly and leaves my face feeling super soft.

For those of you thinking that perhaps I'm now looking 100% lily white with an orange face, I do fake tan all over too! Though that said, if used once every other day this is subtle enough to be used alone to just give your face a subtle bronzed glow. My fake tan routine tends to vary depending on how bothered I can be and how orange I'm willing to let my sheets get. I've recently started mixing a bit of St Moritz Self Tanning Mousse with my trusty Garnier Summerbody Moisturiser and am really happy with the results! It gives me an all over subtle but instant tan (without all the mess) that's gradually buildable with further application. I will tend to use St Moritz on it's own if I want a much more intense tan for a variety of different occasions!

The St Tropez Everyday Face Moisturiser (50ml) is available from Boots for £14.39 and if I was to have one complaint about this product it would be exactly that. Their pricing is a little off considering a 200ml bottle of the St Tropez Everyday Body Moisturiser is also £14.39!


Monday, 9 April 2012

1# Empties: Binning or Winning

I thought I'd let all you cool kids know that I've decided to introduce a new segment to my blog (cue cheer, applause and general hysteria). It will be called 'Empties' and that is what it shall feature! 

It won't necessarily be a monthly thing but will just appear in your life (on my blog) when I've rounded up enough things that are both empty and worth discussing! Hopefully it'll be a good opportunity to show you products I would and wouldn't buy again while also conducting mini reviews of products I may not normally dedicate a whole post to! So now you know, here we go!

My first 2 cans of emptiness are deodorants. I'm ever so slightly obsessed with anything pomegranate scented (see my rave about my Dr Organic's Pomegranate Body Wash) so when I saw Dove's new Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena Deodorant it was pretty much in my basket before I had even smelt it. The combination of pomegranate and lemon gives it a fresh and subtly fruity scent. I like that it doesn't have that overwhelming citrus scent which you might except it to or that horrible chemical tang that often wafts around your head when using spray deodorants. Aside from the scent, being a Dove product it's super moisturising, gentle on your underarms and easily lasts all day. Available from Boots for £3.40. Moving on to my second empty deodorant which is the Bionsen Japanese Spa Minerals Deodorant. The scent is nice enough, kind of like (and I'm aware this sounds odd) spa products and talcum powder! However the main reason I love this - if you have sensitive underarms then this product will win you over. It's super gentle but still has staying power and again easily lasts all day! Available from Boots for £3.29. I'll definitely continue to repurchase both of these for the foreseeable future.

Moving on to probably one of the most talked about products in skincare, it's the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser! This is a firm favourite among beauty bloggers and it's easy to see why. I've been repurchasing this (and the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic) since the first time I bought it back in 2010. I love that it's made from natural ingredients which means it's gentle enough to use on your skin everyday while still being incredibly effective. I also love that it's one of those 'does it all' products - the hops extract cleanses your skin, the muslin cloth helps exfoliate and the coco butter, vitamin B and beeswax helps to moisturise. We all have those drunken lazy nights where we can't be bothered to properly cleanse our skin but for all those other nights Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish is my 'go to' product! I tend to always follow my Cleanse & Polish with the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic. It's the most gentle toner I've ever used and ensures that very scrap of dirt, make up and general mess is off your face. It's not too drying but it's important to follow any toner with a moisturiser. I use Elizabeth Arden's Visible Difference (see my full review here).

Next up is the iFoam Body Wash from Soap & Glory! If you follow my blog regularly then no doubt you'll have seen my Top 3 Favourite Shower Gels post from earlier this year and know that this didn't make the cut. I love Soap & Glory products but I won't be repurchasing this particular one. It's good but nothing to write home about and as you'll see from my 'Top 3' post there are just other shower gels I love more. If I was to choose a shower gel from Soap & Glory I think it would probably be Clean On Me anyway as I prefer the scent. You have to work hard to get this to lather up and although it claims that the harder you work to lather it up the more moisturising the product becomes, I think it sounds like a bit of a gimmick and to be honest there are other bath/shower products out there that are more moisturising and work! AANNDD as I go to search for the price I find it's been discontinued...! Good job. Didn't like it anyway.

The Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick (limited edition packaging) is one of my favourite lip products. I got this one for my birthday last summer and have recently bought a new one. Although the RRP is slightly on the pricey side at round £20 (which I don't know that I'd repeatedly pay) it's often available on discount websites. Currently available from StrawberryNET for £11.50 with free P&P! It's got a shine to it but not an overwhelming one like Carmex or Vaseline. I also find that this actually sinks into my skin whereas other lip balms can just sit on my lips. This keep my lips feeling soft and supple all year round and also contains SPF 15.

I received the Molten Brown Skinboost 24hr Moisture Mist as a gift and as much as I loved it it's definitely not something I'd repurchase, not because the product isn't good but purely because of the price. It used to retail at around £40 and although it (for the second time in this post) appears to have been discontinued it is still available on discount websites for around £25. I love using a moisturising mist especially at the end of the day when my skin is feeling a bit zapped. This is the perfect product to carry around in your handbag for whenever you your skin is feeling tired and in need of refreshing. However my argument is that essentially this is no different to say, Mac's Fix+ spray which costs just £12.50!  

Speaking of Mac and moving on to one of my all time favourite make up products. It's the Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study. I wear this everyday, have repurchased it time and time again and believe one of these belongs in every girls make up bag. It's a gorgeous golden champagne, light bronze, metallic kind of colour in traditional paint pot consistency and looks gorgeous on its own or as a base for other eye shadows in the same colour range. Available from Mac for £14.50

From my favourite eye shadow product to my favourite nail polish - Malaga Wine from OPI! This is the perfect dark red wine colour. It appears darker in real life than it shows in this photo (google for swatches) and is just gorgeous! It's just one of those colours that looks great on everyone, works for every occasion at any time of year! I'll definitely be buying another bottle of this in the near future. Available from Beauty Bay for £10.50.

Last but not least of all the beautiful products to end up in my bin it's my nail wraps from Rebel Nails. I originally bought these in a metallic gold shade and absolutely loved them but haven't been using nail wraps since I started getting gel nails put on late last year. I'm planning to get my false nails taken off at the end of the month though to try and give my nails a break and during that period I'll definitely be back on the Rebel Nails website! Various designs available from Rebel Nails for £7.99.

I hope you enjoyed my first post in the empties series and liked the whole idea of all the above stopping off on my blog for a mini review while on route to my bin! Let me know if you're a fan of any of the above products or just tell me what you can't bare to throw away! Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.