Thursday, 1 March 2012

Tumblr Anyone?

Just a quick blog post to let you all know that I've recently launched a Tumblr page for What She Said! Those of you who are extra observant may have noticed my 'Follow Me on Tumblr' button on the RHS of my blog, feel free to give it a click. Worry not fellow followers, I'll still be blogging here as normal but my Tumblr page will feature frequent mini updates about an array of things, beauty related and otherwise. I'll post images of products I've just bought but haven't got round to reviewing, things I wish I owned but don't and other generally great things including music, make up looks and stuff that simply inspires me! Maybe even the odd photo from my daily adventures.

If you've got a Tumblr page, leave a link in the comments section below so I can have a gander and of course, feel free to follow me!


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