Wednesday, 21 March 2012

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks

I must confess that I had originally set out in search of the highly coveted Revlon Lip Butters when I popped over to my local Superdrug yesterday but ended up leaving with a selection of the L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks instead! After finding out that the Lip Butters were yet to arrive at that particular store, naturally I was devastated and felt it was only fair to console myself with a different purchase! I had been hearing good things about the new L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks and that they've been frequently hailed as L'Oreal's answer to the Revlon Lip Butters. After a swatch-a-thon I whittled it down to 3 and seeing as they were already on offer as 3 for 2, it seemed like fate! Cue some awfully pouty lip photos.

I'm yet to try the Lip Butters so this isn't a comparison but a rave review in its own right! As someone with a rather fair complexion, I have to admit, lip colour does scare me a bit, especially in the day! If you feel the same or are just looking for something a bit more subtle then these Rouge Caresse Lipsticks are ideal. They're somewhat sheer but will still stain your lips and give you an ample amount of colour and gloss without being too intense. My only qualm with this product is with it being classified as a lipstick. I don't think they're pigmented or last lasting enough to be a lipstick and instead fall somewhere in the tinted lip balm / lip stain / lip gloss category!

From Left to Right: 03 - Lovely Rose, 06 - Scarlet Aphrodite, 202 - Impulsive Fuschia

The reason they're a great alternative to your more conventional lipsticks is because instead of living in constant fear of smudging they just slowly fade while still leaving your lips stained. This also means they're easier to apply. I would never dream of applying a bright coloured lipstick without a mirror but these are simple to apply on the go (although mirrors are obviously advised, we don't want everyone walking around looking like clowns)! They feel really natural and moisturising on the lips - not at all sticky like some glosses. The staying power isn't amazing but if you apply some Lipcote over your Rouge Caresse, you'll be set (and so will your lips)!

First we have 03 - Lovely Rose. It's a gorgeous glossy, rosey pink shade. This is the sheerest, safest and most subtle of the 3 colours I picked and although it looks lovely on its own, I'm sure it would also look great on top of any nude or light pink lipsticks.

Next up is 06 - Scarlet Aphrodite. This is a gorgeous pink/red colour with rose gold like shimmer (which sadly doesn't really show up on camera). However it definitely is more pink than red. It provides a good amount of noticeably glossy colour making it perfect for day or night.

Finally, 202 - Impulsive Fuschia. I love all 3 colours but this if I HAD to choose a favourite, I have a feeling this might be it. It's the most pigmented out of these 3 shades and the fuschia colour also carries some bluey/purple reflects which I love.

The L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks are undoubtedly my new favourite lip product and I highly recommend them for any other lip colour phobics or for anyone just looking for something a little more sheer than your average lipstick. Oh and the packaging isn't bad either!

As mentioned previously the L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks are £7.99 each but are currently on 3 for 2 at Superdrug. I have a feeling these will be flying off the shelves so be sure to get yours ASAP!


Thursday, 8 March 2012

#TRENDING - Aztec Accessories

I'm loving the whole Tribal/Aztec (& mixed prints) vibe that's currently taking the shops by storm! It was gathering speed last year and is clearly gearing up to be a massive look for SS12. The whole concept teams nicely with the neon trend that's been developing too! So I thought I'd take the opportunity to pick out a few of my favourite Aztec Accessories below:

Shoes - 99$ (approx £60) from Steve Madden

Necklace - £28 from Love Hearts and Crosses Jewellery
(they're running free worldwide shipping til 31/03/12!)

Scarf - £15 from River Island

Backpack - £40 from ASOS
(Not into Backpacks? Neither. With a couple of stitches this could easily be changed into a shoulder bag)
Nail Wraps - £6.65 from Nail Rock

Any Aztec treasures you're swooning over? Or is there another SS12 look you're holding out for? Let me know in the comments below!


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

NOTD - Tate by Nails Inc.

Late last year I started getting gel nails and haven't looked back. I love them but do think nail salons should come with a warning as the process is super addictive! Your gel nails always end up looking so perfect, never chipping etc that the idea of going back to your regular nails can often fill your mind with dread thus the vicious cycle of infills. I will eventually get them taken off, well, at least for a couple of months to give my nails a break and some much needed Vitamin D! The only other downside in my eyes is the fact that I have an envious nail polish collection at home and never get to use any of my favourite shades anymore as I always just go with what is available in the salon. However as of my last set of infills, I've started taking in my own polish and am currently sporting a personal favourite, Tate by Nails Inc, a gorgeous dark red colour!

If you're also a false nail fiend, have any advice for breaking the cycle or just a colour recommendation etc don't forget to leave some love in the comments section below!


Thursday, 1 March 2012

Tumblr Anyone?

Just a quick blog post to let you all know that I've recently launched a Tumblr page for What She Said! Those of you who are extra observant may have noticed my 'Follow Me on Tumblr' button on the RHS of my blog, feel free to give it a click. Worry not fellow followers, I'll still be blogging here as normal but my Tumblr page will feature frequent mini updates about an array of things, beauty related and otherwise. I'll post images of products I've just bought but haven't got round to reviewing, things I wish I owned but don't and other generally great things including music, make up looks and stuff that simply inspires me! Maybe even the odd photo from my daily adventures.

If you've got a Tumblr page, leave a link in the comments section below so I can have a gander and of course, feel free to follow me!