Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Top 3 Favourite Shower Gels

Some of my favourite things about shower time are; having deep thought sessions and forgetting where I am, deciding what shampoo to use, making mental lists about everything,  getting to sing a long to my favourite songs like no one can hear me and PRODUCTS! Particularly the ones that leave my skin (and bathroom) smelling phenomenal. So here, ladies & gentleman are my top 3 shower gels (for shower time).

First up is the Rituals Foaming Shower Gel Sensation in Indian Rose & Sweet Almond Oil. This was a Glossybox discovery (proof that you do receive full size products) that was sent out in the December boxes last year. I love foaming shower gels purely because they get so soapy & a little goes a really long way. Originally made famous by the Imperial Leather Foamburst range, Rituals is essentially just a posh version but with even more exotic scents. It smells gorgeous & I'd love to try some of the other fragrances but at £6.50 for a 200ml bottle it's massively pushing the prices boundaries for shower gels so for that reason I don't think I'd splash out on this again.

Moving on to what is probably my favourite shower gel, Dr Organic's Pomegranate Body Wash. To be fair, I am slightly obsessed with pomegranates so this was probably always going to be a winner but it also smells so fresh. It doesn't smell too sickly or like it's full of chemicals, instead its just like sticking your nose in a pomegranate, aka GREAT. I love fruity scents in the shower in the morning as I think they really help wake you up and this does exactly that. It's thick, rich and combined with Aloe Vera which acts as an effective all over cleanser. There's no doubt that this will leave your skin smelling amazing however once again it is at the pricier end of the spectrum at £5.19 from Holland and Barrett for 250ml. No surprise there though, you're always going to have to pay extra for a product that is organic, acting as a full body cleanser and packed full of antioxidants so I think this time, it's worth the splurge even if its only bought every so often.

Last but not least, it's Glögg from Lush. Apologies are in order as I know this is a seasonal purchase and therefore only available at Christmas. However, I'm giving you plenty of notice so you can stock up this year! Plus, remember holiday products at Lush are always heavily reduced in the January sales. As Glögg is the Swedish version of mulled wine I did assume that it would smell like, wait for it, mulled wine (which is a favourite of mine and like the shower gel I think it should be available all year round). However, 'meant' is the operative word there as it really doesn't! It smells like fizzy cola bottles. That might seem like a bit of a weird choice for the shower but it just seems to work! Lush says that Glögg is infused with cinnamon, cloves, oranges, lemons, red wine and a dash of brandy! 

I think it's probably a love or hate product but I can't think of a better scent to be surrounded by when indulging in a long, hot, evening bath. A glass of red wouldn't go a miss either! Clearly I've got expensive taste when it comes to shower gels as Glögg retails at £7.75 for 250ml, although I got mine for half price in January so would definitely suggest waiting til then! If you've got any shower gel recommendations, please do let me know in the comments below. Preferably some cheaper alternatives as it looks like my bathing habits are breaking the bank!