Wednesday, 14 September 2011

What's in my (Holiday) Wash Bag!?

I've just returned from 2 weeks in paradise and being a bit of a last minute packer, I didn't quite have time to put this post up before I left but better late than never! I should probably point out at this point that I always tend to over pack just because I hate arriving somewhere and wishing I'd brought something I didn't or maybe that's just the excuse that seems most plausible?

My wash bag is from H&M and it's great, mainly because it's the perfect size, it's pretty, it's a bargain at £3.99 and although I'm not particularly Disney mad, you can't go far wrong with Minnie or Mickey!

Yes, it would appear that taking 5 nail polishes for a 2 week holiday might seem slightly excessive but not when you're away with 4 girls! They were slowly abducted from my bedroom and became communal and I alone used every shade. From left to right they are; Punki Pink by Nina Ultra (Pro) - £3.89, Mistique by Missguided, (unfortunately I don't know the name of this one as its rubbed off but it's by MUA), 264 by Barry M - £2.99 and Tropical Temptation by Revlon - £4.49!

I didn't take too many hair products as being on an island in the middle of Atlantic Ocean humity was at an all time high so no matter what you did to your hair it was unlikely to stay that way for long! Hair oils (such as Moroccan Oil) are everywhere at the moment and although I was initially reluctant to the idea of adding oil to newly washed hair I thought I'd give it a go and bought the V05 Miracle Concentrate. Now? I swear by it. You simply run a small amount through clean towel dried hair and it conditions, hydrates and smoothes leaving your hair soft and shiny once you've blow dried it! It also acts as a heat protectant and claims to reduce drying time (I'm not quite sure how, but I think it actually does)! It's the perfect "does it all" hair product and is great for any holiday when you might be washing, blow drying or styling your hair more than normal (not to mention protecting your hair from the damage done by chlorine and too much sun). The next product in my hair care trio is a firm staple in my life, Batiste's Dry Shampoo - (£1.45). I use it for pretty much everything from refreshing greasy hair and creating volume to helping hide roots and even for making just washed hair slightly more managable. Last and used least was my Boots own Hairspray - (£0.81), I would have used this more if I curled my hair but I soon realised there was no point as the humidity would just make the curls fall out, not a total waste though as it got passed round to a couple of the other girls!

Moving on, I had depotted some of my Elizabeth Arden Visable Difference - (£20.43 for 75ml) face moisturiser (reviewed in a previous post - see here) into a small travel size pot as the glass jar that it normally comes in is far too heavy to take on holiday. I also took my all time favourite make up remover wipes - L'OrĂ©al Paris Dermo-Expertise Vitalift Wipes - (£5.10). I used to use and have previously reviewed (see here) the L'oreal De-Maq Expert Wipes but they seemed to have been discontinued, however it seems the Vitalift wipes are identical. If you haven't tried these, do! They're amazing. Let's be honest, we're all a bit slack on the whole cleanse, tone, moisturise act when on holiday so make up wipes are perfect. If you've noticed the Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder - (£1.99) you're probably wondering why...! Any of my friends will tell you I'm a talc fiend and proceed to tell you just how much it irriates them when we're sharing a room and all their stuff gets covered in a thin layer of white dust...! To be honest I don't really know why I'm such a fan!? All I do know is that I love the smell, I always find it keeps my skin so soft and smooth if I apply it straight after a bath/shower and it doubles up as a great substitute for dry shampoo if you find yourself without some...! Superdrug's own Nail Polish Remover Wipes - (£1.39) are pretty self explanatory once now you've seen the excessive amount of nail polish I took and it's smaller and more compact than taking a bottle of remover. I depotted some of Soap & Glory's Flake Away Scrub - (£6.64) to take with me as gentle exfoliation will help you get a deeper longer lasting tan and it's also good for getting rid of all that oily sunscreen you've been applying throughout the day! Next on my holiday list, is my Scholl Deep Moisturising Foot Cream - (£4.34). I found this when on holiday last year in Australia and it's been a bit of a saviour as I tend to get quite dry feet (nice) when I'm wearing flip flops/sandals a lot so as a result I now always take this on holiday with me. I also tend to get quite dry cuticles which defeats the point of having nicely painted nails if the skin around them looks awful so I took my Almond Oil Nail & Cuticle Treatment - (£7) along with me too (previously reviewed in my Body Shop post - see here)! A must if you're off somewhere tropical is insect repellant and sting relief, although that said, amazingly I didn't get bitten once! My friend took repellant and I took Superdrug's own Bite & Sting Relief Spray - (£1.99).

Skipping over the much less exciting things such as my Sure deodrant, disposible razer and the unmarked blue bottle which contains mouthwash! I took my current favourite perfume - the debut fragrance from Jimmy Choo (see my previous review here). I also took along my travel size Nail Care kit which I got given for my birthday from Paperchase (reviewed in my Birthday Haul post - here).

Lastly and most importantly - SUNSCREEN. My favourite sun care brands are Piz Buin (because it smells amazing) and Ambre Solaire as it's really good at protecting you're skin and their products are never too greasy. I've always used the Ambre Solaire After Sun as I find it really moisturising and soothing at the same time and I like the cooling mist effect you get with the spray. In terms of sun protection, I took Ambre Solaire's Clear Protect in Factor 30 - (£14.90) and Piz Buin's Active Spray in Factor 20 - (£15.31) which I absolutely love (read my previous review here)

It's hard to believe all that fits into 1 little bag but it does! I've tried to link most of the products above to where they're available from. Do you have any holiday essentials? Let me know in the comments section below!



  1. I know! They always have a great range of make up and wash bags at H&M and they're not expensive either :) xCx


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