Wednesday, 21 September 2011

So Sleek it's making me Blush!

I've always been a big fan of Sleek Make Up as their products are such good value for money & I love their packaging (super sleek)! This product just continues to confirm what a great high street make up brand they really are.

I've been waiting to get my hands on their Rose Gold blush for ages but it seems quite a few Superdrug stores don't stock it & those who do were always sold out. However I finally found it last month & it's now one of my all time favourite blushers!

Initially the colour looks quite pink but once it's applied to skin you can see it's speckled with a gorgeous gold shimmer giving your cheeks a lovely rosy tint with a subtle gold highlight. The product is fairly powdery so you won't need much & if applied carefully you won't get any fallout either.

 Another great thing about this product is that it's a very close dupe for Nars Orgasm blush! I've swatched both below with Rose Gold on the left & Orgasm on the right. The main difference being that Rose Gold gives you more of a rosy gold blush whereas Orgasm gives you more of a light but deep pinky gold blush. In terms of the products composition, as I mentioned before Rose Gold by Sleek is very powdery but Orgasm by Nars is the opposite - the product takes a lot of rubbing to get a decent swatch! As you can see below though, there really isnt much in it and considering the price difference (Rose Gold at £4.30 and Orgasm at £20.50) it's a definite dupe win in my eyes!

Rose Gold by Sleek Make up is available in some Superdrug stores or online from Sleek for £4.30 and Orgasm by Nars is available from Space NK stores or online from Space NK for £20.30.



  1. Wow they're so similar - thanks for this post chick! :) x

  2. No worries lovely, hope it saves people some money! Chance to splash out on another Nars shade instead maybe!? xCx

  3. Great blog post :) I am really annoyed that my superdrug doesnt sell Sleek because they have so many great products that i want to try! xx

  4. That is so annoying! Hopefully when you're next a bit further afield you'll have more luck at another Superdrug. I know nothing compares to swatching products yourself but if you're happy to take the risk don't forget you can order from Sleek directly online. xCx

  5. My initial thoughts on Rose Gold was it looked like the legendary Orgasm by NARS. I own both orgasm and rose gold, they look SO similar! xo

  6. They really do. Once applied I think I'd really struggle to tell them apart...! xCx


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