Sunday, 7 August 2011

Covered in Marc Jacobs

I've had my current iPhone cover for 7 months now, which isn't that big of a deal except that it's record time for me! I'd previously never found one that I really liked so would inevitably end up getting bored after a couple of months & start searching for something new. However, last Christmas I was treated to the Marc by Marc Jacobs soft Dreamy Logo 3G iPhone Cover in hot pink. I put it on my phone and haven't taken it off since!

Apologies for the flash reflection, I was in a bit of a rush when  I was snapping away. Unfortunately the photo hasn't really done the colour justice. It looks quite dull here but it is definitely a hot pink shade. I wanted something pretty but fairly understated, I know hot pink isn't exactly understated but in comparision to the rest of Marc Jacobs 'tech' range, all of which was fairly garish, this was the more subtle choice! The back of the cover features a series of repeated jumbled up letters which one would assume might spell out Marc Jacobs however there is a 'Y' and no 'O' so I'm at a loss. If anyone knows what it is meant to spell out (if anything) please let me know. It's been bothering me for months!

The case is made out of thick silicon which is great for protecting your phone. I've dropped my iPhone far too many times than I care to remember and this bad boy has always protected it! I hope I've done a pretty good job at describing this product but just in case I haven't here's what is printed on the back of the box. Nearly as good as those perfume descriptions I love to have a giggle at ;)

I bought mine from NET-A-PORTER but it's no longer available on their website. If you're in the States you can order it direct from Marc himself here and for everyone else this company (although based in America) ship pretty much worldwide - available from both websites for $28 (approx £17)!


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