Sunday, 5 June 2011

Can You Get Hooked On Lip Balm?

How do lip plumpers work? Can nail varnish really turn your nails yellow? Are expensive conditioners worth the money? No doubt if you're a bit of a beauty buff then these are the kind of questions you often find yourself asking! Well, we can finally have all the answers (or at least a bit of advice) thanks to a new tell all book, Can You Get Hooked On Lip Balm? by Perry Romanowski (& the answer is YES!)

As soon as I heard about this book, I was on Amazon within minutes ordering it! I was looking forward to finally hear about all the tricks of the trade. With the beauty market being so heavily saturated it's natural to wonder, is it all hype & marketing or is there a real difference between products & most importantly, do they work? Of course I believe there is a difference & they do work otherwise I wouldn't be blogging about it! That said, naturally I still have reservations & doubts about certain products & their claims.

I haven't finished the book yet but already can't recommend it enough! It's full of helpful tips from which I've learned so much & although you may want to take some facts with a pinch of salt, the book is written by top cosmetic scientists & is therefore based on hard evidence. The book isn't sponsored in any way, shape or form and independently offers scientific advice as to the best brands to use for different areas. Can You Get Hooked On Lip Balm? is divided into 4 informative sections (hair, skin, makeup, the beauty industry) and addresses everything from beauty myths, how cosmetics work and what advertising claims really mean.

A highly recommended read for anyone intriguied by or interested in the cosmetics industry!

Available from Amazon for around £10