Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Everyone loves a Mini Haul!

I was going to wait until I had a few more bits to do a haul post but figured I might end up having too much to write about in one post so instead I've gone for the preferred mini haul! Mini hauls are like those express lines in supermarkets, they have to be 5 (well, in this case 6) items or less otherwise they just dont work! Right, moving on, these are a few things I've picked up over the last couple of weeks!

We'll start with the Sleek Makeup One Finishing Powder. I've wanted a finishing powder for ages, as I normally just use a compact powder to set my foundation/make up but think sometimes this ends up adding extra coverage & colour that you might not need. The powder includes a really light shimmer that gives your skin that luminous finish. It's also translucent & therefore suitable for all skin tones. 

For £7.30, this is a good product & will help your make up stay in place, although it's perhaps not as long wearing as it could be but as for giving skin a radiant finish & as a substitute to setting my make up with a heavier compact powder, this is definitely a winner. It also has an amazing cooling sensation so when you apply it to your skin, for a couple of seconds it feels like someone has sprayed a mist of cool water over your face, it's a really weird (but nice) sensation! If anyone has any finishing powders that they'd recommend, let me know!

I've been hunting for the perfect false eyelashes for ages now. I just wanted to find some that were long & voluminous without looking obviously fake! I finally realised that I'd spent far too long trying various styles from the popular Eyelure range & ignoring other brands, so I decided to try "Luckies" in black from Ardell (a popular American company) & they're perfect. The first night I wore them I got loads of compliments about how nice my eyes looked but no one mentioned fake lashes & that's exactly what anyone wants! If you're careful with these you can reuse them, but probably only once more (they might look a bit grotty in this photo because I'd worn them the night before & hadn't got round to removing the glue)! Find these at Boots for £5.11.

Moving on to Mac, I popped into my local Mac store the other day looking for another lipstick. I had planned to buy Hue as a nude 'your lips but better' shade but after I swatched it I wasn't sold & thought it seemed a bit too dark! I instead went for Creme D'Nude and love it. It's another gorgeous muted peachy pale beige colour & I can't have enough nude/beige/light pink lipsticks in my life! Have you got any similar favourite shades? Pick up any Mac lipstick from your local counter for £13.50.

I've always used YSL Touche Eclat for under my eyes but never really invested in a concealer to cover blemishes as my skin generally seems to behave itself, that's not to say I dont get the occasional spot & I figured I needed to invest in a decent concealer for when I do. I tested out a few in Boots & eventually decided on Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer. It's such an amazing product considering the price (£3.99 from Boots)! I love the creamy consistany as it makes it so easy to blend & it's sufficently high coverage which means you only need the tiniest amount and it will conceal any redness! It leaves your skin looking flawless, doesn't dry out & lasts all day. I have a feeling this is going to be a regular staple in my make up bag! The only downside for me is that I bought this in the lightest shade - 'Fair 01' which is too light for my skin!

The next purchase that I'm loving at the moment is a nail polish (I'm a bit of a fiend) - Revlons Tropical Temptation 093 (£6.29)! I'm absolutely in love with this colour. It's the perfect peachy/coral shade & is super chip resistant. I wish I could remember whos blog I saw this on because if it wasn't for their amazing review I wouldnt have found my new favourite nail polish so I'm very grateful (if it was you, let me know)!?

Last but not least, the Sleek Makeup Storm Palette. To be honest I felt this was a bit of an unnecessary purchase seeing as I already own the much coverted Urban Decay Naked Paletter & pretty much swear by it so much so that I haven't actually had a chance to try out the Storm Palette too much! However, you can never have enough eye shadows & palettes are so handy. As a substitute for the Naked palette this is perfect - it has an array of earthy/nude tones as well as darker shades to help create a smokey eye! All the shades are really pigmented & stay on fairly well & for the price (around £6.49), you really can't complain! My resolution for this month is to use this palette a lot more.

All of the above are available at your friendly neighbourhood Mac/Boots or Superdrug! Hope you've enjoyed this haul & let me know if you'd like to see more or have any recommendations for me!



  1. Nice haul!! I've been eyeing off the Sleek Storm palette for ages and am trying to justify purchasing it! I love Creme d'Nude too!

    The two finishing powders I use in my kit are MAC Invisible Set Powder, which is only available in Pro Stores. It is a white loose powder but once it is on the skin it blends in seamlessly to every skin tone!

    I also use Derma Color Waterproof Setting Powder which is made by Kryolan and comes in a lot of different shades. I have both P2 & P4 which are both quite light, but to be safe I use P4 and it blends in nicely on fair and medium skin tones.

    They have no shimmer but they do they job nicely xx

  2. I'd definitely recommend the Sleek Storm palette, it's such a bargain!

    Thanks for the tip on finishing powders! I was a bit lost on the whole topic really as the Sleek Finishing Power is the first one I have really used. I've heard good things about the Mac finishing powders so think I'll have to be on the look out for that. The Waterproof Setting Powder by Kryolan sounds pretty intriguing too though...! Ahh decisions, decisions!


  3. Yes I think the Sleek Storm palette will be finding a home in my makeup collection very soon! :)

    Go the MAC Invisible Set's easier to find than the Kryolan and still does a great job! x

  4. SOLD - i'll be investing soon :) xCx

  5. You'll love it!

    Also, I've just awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award! I love reading your blog! Please visit my blog for more details!


  6. I just found your blog through Amelda, and I love it!! You have such great posts =) I'm following..
    Feel free to check mine out as well!


  7. Amelda - thank you so much for the blog award! Have posted all my gratitude on your blog in the comments under your awards post! :) xCx

    Bethany - Awh so glad you're a fan! Am following you too :) love your post about the Chanel whipped gel eye shadows - they sound very exciting! xCx


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