Sunday, 24 April 2011

Wish List Alert: Pretty Please?

I've got lots of make up brushes in my life from Clinque & Mac to Paula Dorf & Benefit but what I've pined after for a while now is a complete perfectly packaged set! Today, I found it in the form of the Sigma 12 Brush 'Make Me Classy' Kit & I'm in love. It has every brush your eyes & face could ever need (except for a Kabuki). 

The only downside (besides the lack of Kabuki) is that it has a hefty price tag of $99 (£60) for the set, but you are making a saving of $53 (£32) compared to if you bought each brush seperately! Well at least that's my way of justifying it! I might just attempt to start saving, a financial act I'm not too fond of.

The Sigma 12 Brush 'Make Me' Kit comes in 4 different colours - Pink, Blue, Purple & Black. Available in the US and online from Sigma for $99.



  1. I'm after a good brush set and this is ideal, pricey but worth it for the amount you get by the looks of it. Great blog.

    You might be intested in a new online store I have set up, we sell handmade feather accessories and feather hair extensions, we've just added some new Woodstock inspired necklaces. Check it out at

    Elle x

  2. Hi Elle,

    Thanks - will deffo check out your store. I'm a big fan of feather accessories!


  3. I have this set in purple "Make me crazy" and I love the brushes! (:

  4. Very jealous! I really want it but think I'd struggle to decide on a colour! xCx


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