Sunday, 24 April 2011

Wish List Alert: Pretty Please?

I've got lots of make up brushes in my life from Clinque & Mac to Paula Dorf & Benefit but what I've pined after for a while now is a complete perfectly packaged set! Today, I found it in the form of the Sigma 12 Brush 'Make Me Classy' Kit & I'm in love. It has every brush your eyes & face could ever need (except for a Kabuki). 

The only downside (besides the lack of Kabuki) is that it has a hefty price tag of $99 (£60) for the set, but you are making a saving of $53 (£32) compared to if you bought each brush seperately! Well at least that's my way of justifying it! I might just attempt to start saving, a financial act I'm not too fond of.

The Sigma 12 Brush 'Make Me' Kit comes in 4 different colours - Pink, Blue, Purple & Black. Available in the US and online from Sigma for $99.


Sunscreen you'll look forward to applying!

With the gorgeous weather we've been having recently it seems like the perfect time to post a sun related skin care review especially as the good weather looks like it's here to stay (well, for now at least)!

I love a tan as much as the next person but I'm also blessed with fair skin and therefore know (as im sure you all do) how important it is to keep your skin protected while sunbathing or just frolicing around outside! One of my favourite sun proctection brands is Piz Buin. I love everything about their products including the packaging, the smell, the consistany and the results! Unless its scorching hot, I generally stick with SPF 20 when in the UK but regardless of where I am, I HATE thick, sticky, greasy suncreen that doesnt absorbe into your skin! Which also happens to be why I love Piz Buin Active Long Lasting Sun Spray SPF 20 Medium (that has to be the longest product name in history)!

Piz Buin Active Long Lasting Sun Spray SPF 20 Medium comes in 2 formats, as an aerosol spray & as a lotion. I'm recommending the aerosol spray as it also acts as a cooling mist when applying! In fact, it's so refreshing I actually look forward to using it as applying sun cream is normally such a chore...! It smells gorgeous & is absorbed into your skin pretty much instantly & to touch you wouldnt even know you were wearing any factor. It's both sweat & water resistant although you do need to reapplying if fairly frequently.  It's pretty much the ideal sun protection for when you're out & about or just working on the tan this summer! I would recommend something a bit more resilient for holidaying in more exotic countries as, like I said, you do have to reapplying this fairly often (but that's not to say I don't always take this along as well though)!

There is currently a Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer on Piz Buin sun care at Boots, both in store & online. At £15.31 a bottle you'll be saving a bundle! If anyone has product raves about any of the other Piz Buin products, let me know!


Sunday, 17 April 2011

Obsession Confession & a treat from Topshop!

I think its time to introduce everyone to another one of my obsessions (aside from beauty products), BAGS. From suitcases to clutches and everything inbetween. Yup, I'm obesssed and have been for a long as I can remember! For day to day use I'm all about the oversized or bigger handbags, however I decided that I needed a new smaller handbag in my life for all those summer nights out. There is nothing worse than being in a club & feeling like you've got a suitcase on your shoulder! So, I treated myself to a gorgeous 2 tone leather & suede number from Topshop the other week! I love everything about it from the texture and colour to the size, clasp and even the little handle at the top! The only downside is that it doesnt have a zip inside inside which I always prefer with these kind of bags as otherwise they can fall open but I guess you can always get one put in!

Avaliable in store & online from Topshop. You're definitely paying for the leather & suede combo at £50 but you just cant put a price on a beautiful bag!


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Luxurious Hair Care from John Frieda

I always struggle with hair care products & can never seem to find a product that I love enough to stick to long term until I discovered the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Range! I was initally a bit sceptical after the bad publicity that the John Frieda - Sheer Blonde range had recieved but it seems they pulled out all the stops for this hair care line.

I hate it when hard to rinse products leave your hair feel slightly greasy, sticky or weighted down or on the opposite end of the spectrum your hair ends up feeling dry, fly away & unconditioned. However I feel like my hair prayers have finally been answered by the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo & Conditioner! It leaves my hair feeling thicker, volumised, weightless, shiny, soft, smooth & squeaky clean! I havent tried the rest of the products in the range but I definitely plan to.

More good news! They are normally £5.61 each but Superdrug are currently running a 2 for £.6.99 promotion on selected John Frieda hair care products. So you've got no excuse not to try it! If anyone has tried any of the other products in the Luxurious Volume range let me know.