Monday, 14 March 2011

Hello Flawless & Bad Girl Liner from Benefit

I was at my local Benefit counter the other week & came away with a couple of treats. I was about to pick up the normal powder that I use to set my foundation & conceal any redness (Benefit Get Even Concealer Powder) but thought I'd ask the sales assistant if she would recommend any other products that do the same thing in the Benefit range (not that the one I was already using wasnt great but thought I'd try something new)! She recommended their Hello Flawless Custom Powder Cover Up with SPF 15. I went ahead with the recommendation & bought the Hello Flawless powder & am glad I did.


It is an amazingly silky cover up powder that does exactly what I want & gives me a 'flawless' matte skin finish! A little goes a long way. It's a compact with a mirror, which is perfect to keep in your bag for any touch ups while you're out & about. As with all Benefit products the packaging is really cute. I got colour matched to their 'Champage' shade.

The compact includes both a sponge & a brush that sit in an under compartment. You can use either the sponge for spot cover up or the brush to slightly sweep the powder onto your face to set your foundation or cover any redness. The fact that it includes SPF 15 is an added bonus!

Not content with 1 purchase from the counter. I decided to invest in a new eye liner as I've been using a random drug store one that I picked up on holiday in Australia months ago when I was in a rush! I had never used Benefit's Bad Girl Liner and know its pretty popular so thought I'd give it a try. I got the waterproof version because in my opinion eye liner can never stay on too long...! 

I've only used it a few times and I'm pleased but not overly excited about it. It stays on for a long time which is great but it also seems quite dry. It's really good for drawing a hard line or lining your water line but it seems quite difficult to smudge even though it does include a smudging brush on the opposite end of the pencil.

The Hello Flawless face power retails at £25.02 and the Bad Girl Liner for £14. Both of these products are avaliable from Benefit counters across UK or online from or



  1. Cute blog! I really like your reviews. I'm a follower now. Please check out my blog. :)

  2. Hey Sandra, thanks so much! Glad you're a fan :) am following you back. xCx

  3. Hey if you're looking for good eyeliner and are already a MAC fan then pick up their gel liner that you paint on with a brush. I have the brown Bobbi Brown one and a black MAC one. In all honesty I prefer Bobby Brown but all but impossible to get hold of unless you live in London! Anyway they stay on forever and so easy to apply.

    Cool blog by the way, came her via Beauty Brains

    Max x

  4. Sorry, only just saw this comment! Luckily I live in London so can get hold of either, I've heard Bobby Brown is best so I might give it a try! xCx


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