Saturday, 22 January 2011

Wipe it away with L'oreal De-Maq Expert Wipes!

I feel like I am on a constant mission to find the perfect make up remover wipes & last year I finally suceeded. While on holiday, I ran out & had to use my friends make up wipes for the rest of the week & I've been hooked on L'oreal De-Maq Expert Wipes ever since! Previously I've often found a lot of make up wipes dry out quite quickly once out of the packet (or even while still in the packet!) and can start to feel slighty abrasive on the skin, not to mention that stinging feeling round the eyes that often occurs & the nasty chemical smell you have to put up with! However L'oreal De-Maq Expert Wipes are the answer to your make up removing prayers! They take off even the heaviest nights make in a single wipe & the rich texture stops them drying out too quickly. They're soft on your skin & remove all waterproof or long lasting make up without repetitive scrubbing. Last but not least they have a proper plastic air tight dispenser lid they stops them drying out! I can pretty much promise that once you've tried these bad boys you'll be sold & wont ever bother trying any others!

At roughly £5 pack (40 wipes) they're pricey but definitly worth it especially as most other packs normally contain only 25 to 30 wipes.

Find them in store and online at Superdrug :)



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