Friday, 7 January 2011

Violetta Matte Nail Polish - Thank You Avon!

Yes, its another Nail Polish rave & its just as deserving as my last one (Molten Copper by Accessorize). I first discovered Avon's Matte Nail Polish range through Fleur de Force and thought it was genius. Nail polish that replaced that standard glaze effect with a matte finish (I know other matte polishes has been around for a while but I was a bit late on the uptake)! The range was launched on the 23rd December & there are 5 colours avaliable but Violetta is definately the one to beat. So you can understand why I was made up when I entered Fleur's competition to win a bottle of Violetta Matte Nail Polish by Avon & won! 

This metallic matte violet colour has me sold & as an added bonus it's thick (so no streaks) but still dries in an instant. I've worn it everyday since it arrived in the post & am pleased to have a new addition to my must have nail polish list. You can get away with one coat if you're in a rush but it looks better with two. The only down side is that it chips far too easily (pretty much after 1 day) so investing in a matte top coat is kind of essential.

Normally priced at £6, its on sale for just £3 on the Avon website at the moment - so really theres no reason not to invest!



  1. You have lovely nails! Mine are all bitten down so far i can't wear any sort of lovely nail varnish. (big face of envy)

  2. This is a really pretty color! I am kinda new to blogging so it would mean a lot if you checked out my blog. Thanks!

    xo, Jay

  3. Claire! Didnt know you were on blogspot :) great times. Im a nail polish fanatic but doesnt stop me biting them occasionally! xCx

    Jay - its a great colour! You should deffo pick up a bottle from Avon while its on sale if you're a fan. Am off to have a gander at your blog! xCx

  4. Well done for winning! You have beautiful nails xx

  5. Hi!
    Just discovered your blog.

    I have the matte nail varnish in Inky Blue and Grey as Cement.

    It bugs me sooo much that they chip so easily as they are both really nice colours.

    Have you found a top coat that works good with these nail varnishes?? It would be great if you could let me know.

    Also if you have the time could you check out my blog. I've only just started and need to gain some followers. Thanks!


  6. Hey - thanks for following :) love your blog! The marble effect is amazing, havent seen that before!

    I know its really annoying that matte varnishes seem to chip so easily! The best top matte coat ive found is Essie - Matte About You top coat. Its meant to go on top of normal gloss nail polish and then transform it to a matte effect but it works just as well on top of an already matte polish!

    Its avaliable from ASOS for £10.95 - hope this helps! xCx

  7. This colour is sooo gorgeous. I actually ordered this nail polish in the previous AVON campaign but it was already sold out! Honestly, I'm not surprised. I just hope it will be again avaliable in the next one.

  8. I know, its literally one of my favourite nail polishes. I want it in all the other colours too! xCx


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