Wednesday, 15 December 2010

It's time to invest in a Projection Alarm Clock

I always thought these clocks were a bit gimicky, until I was staying at a friends house and woke up in the early hours to find the time clearly projected onto the wall. It was perfect, none of my routine fumbling around in the darkness trying to find my phone and check the time (Im one of those people that has to know what the time is whenever I wake up, weird I know)! The projection clock is definately the way forward, no more bright alarm clock lights shining in you're face all night, just turn the clock away from you and the time will be displayed clearly on the wall in whatever direction you choose! Projection alarm clocks are a great buy (not to mention the added night wall art). They have all the standard features of any other other alarm clock such as FM/AM analogue radio, snooze feature and deul alarms.

There are loads of different designs and retailers so feel free to shop around! Prices for projection clocks range from around £20 to £50 depending on the features and style. I'll post a link to the one my friend recommended below (£29.95);


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