Friday, 17 December 2010

Have a HD Christmas with the LG 47LE5900

Christmas is the time people tend to indulge in the bigger purchases in life so i thought now was as good a time as any to review a TV! If you're planning to buy one, getting in there before VAT rises to 20% on the 4th January 2011 is definitely a good idea..! TV's are getting more high tech by the day with 3D TV's now hitting the market in a serious way. As great as they are they'll set you back, way back with RRP anywhere between £1000 to £5000. However the 3D boom is having a very positive effect on rest of the TV market hence why the LG 47LE5900 LED 47" TV is definately worth taking note of. Retailing on Amazon for around £840, its a bargin, if not a steal! For those of you who like me, are a bit thrown by features and specs, here's a breakdown;

It's an LED TV, definitely the best out of the LCD/plasma/LED lineup. Its 1080p (this refers to the resolution, the higher it is the higher the definition) making this TV full HD, the best you can get. Its 100hz (this refers to the refresh rate, meaning the picture changes 100 times per second) making it great for gaming. It features built in Freeview and Netcast which allows you to connect to the internet and makes for perfect viewing of youtube! The 47" screen will make for more than comfortable viewing and give a whole new spin on the cinematic experiance and an ultra silm design means it's perfect for mounting on the wall.

A perfect gift for the whole family this Christmas!

Its avaliable on Amazon for around £865 which is one of (if not the) best price both online and in store!


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