Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Every Girl Gift - Benefit's Primpcess Palette

Benefit is an infamous cosmetics company, known to girls the world over, made popular through its fun packaging and exciting range of products and colours. I’m not normally a fan of make up palettes as they never seem to have exactly what I want, I’d rather mix and match myself! That is until on a trip back from Australia this duty free dream appeared in the in-flight magazine, Benefit’s Primpcess Set! For those who tend to stick to neutral eye make up, brown tones etc, this is perfect or just as a general day make up set for any girl. It’s very similar to Benefit’s Big Beautiful Eyes Palette (for those of you that own it).

The Primpcess Set includes Bo-ing Concealer in No. 2 (hides dark circles), Creaseless cream eye shadow in RSVP (which can be used as a lid base), 3 powder eye shadows for base, contouring and lining (very similar to the ones in the Big Beautiful Eyes Palette), a mini version of there renowned Bad Girl Mascara in black, an eye bright instant eye highlighter, brushes and a tutorial booklet! 

This palette is perfect for any girl who’s into her cosmetics and it’s based on neutral shades so you know you can’t go too far wrong and considering its got all the basic eye make up you’ll ever need, it’s well priced at £25. 

The Primpcess Set is available exclusively online from the Benefit website - click the link below;


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