Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Cosy up with a Kindle this Christmas!

The Kindle is the perfect gift for book lovers this Christmas! The best way to describe it is as a portable electronic library. Designed by Amazon, the newest version of the Kindle can store up to 3,500 books and has built in Wi-Fi and 3G for use at home or away! Its specially designed screen makes for easy reading even in bright sunlight. The kindle store offers over 400,000 books that are available for you to start reading straight away and some classic books are even free! Charge your Kindle and it will run for up to a month without recharging. 

Weighing only 241g and at 9mm thick, all in all the Kindle is a very nifty little gadget that allows the owner to carry their personal library with them wherever they go! Suitable for all ages.

The Kindle retails for £109 with Wi-Fi and £149 for 3G and Wi-Fi. Both are available online directly from Amazon;


If you want some Kindle book recommendations from a Kindle lover, why not check out Mckinseyann's Book Rave;

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  1. Hey! I'd be most appreciative if you linked my Kindle post to yours! I'll do the same. I think a gift idea blog is a fantastic idea. I especially like the Abercrombie & Fitch cologne post. I bought that for my boyfriend for his birthday and it smells heavenly (or as heavenly as guys can smell).


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