Thursday, 30 December 2010

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & Thank You!

Hi Guys,
Sorry for the complete lack of posts recently! Christmas is just full of all kinds of festive distractions (including sales, go take your Christmas cash and check them out, there are some seriously amazing bargins out there at the moment!). I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and got every little thing that you wanted :) maybe even 1 or 2 from my gift guide!? What She Said has been up and running for just 1 month and I've already had nearly 1000 page views from people all across the world & I've even racked up a few followers (thanks guys!). I never expected this is take off (as such) but love that it has so for now What She Said is here to stay! I'm going to be continuing with the gift guide idea, throwing in a few more reviews and generally documenting any shopping hauls I indulge in, in a bid to help you lot choose gifts, create wish lists and try new products!

Thanks to everyone who has taken an interest in What She Said, to those who helped me set this bad boy up and of course to my lovely followers!

Lots of love


Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Last Minute Stocking Filler - False Lash Effect

3 sleeps til Christmas! Its too late for online shopping, the shops are packed, stocks are low & you've still got stuff to buy! Worried much? In this 3 day run up to the Big Day last minute stocking fillers are easy to find. Superdrug and Boots are your best bets with giftsets for both boys & girls plus individual must haves and they're still just as exciting as any other gift! My top last minute stocking filler for girls is my favourite mascara! It's False lash effect by Max Factor and is pretty much avaliable everywhere from Superdrug and Boots to Supermarkets. I never used to be a fan of rubber wands on mascaras, until I discovered this gem & I've been using it ever since! It really does give your lashes a full on volume boost, while lengthening them too resulting in thick long lashes. Its the next best thing after false eyelashes so grab one & stick it a stocking! 

Retailing at Boots stores nationwide for £10.99


Sunday, 19 December 2010

Get snap happy with the Canon Ixus 130

Canon is one of the largest and best known camera manufacturers in the world and the one I've always favoured. I've had cameras made by other big names such as Fuji, Sony and Samsung and I've always found myself regretting buying outside my Canon comfort zone. A camera is the perfect Christmas gift for pretty much anyone! Who doesnt want to photograph the memorable moments in life? So naturally, I'm recommending a Canon digital camera, the Canon Ixus 130 to be specific. Canon have 2 ranges of compact digital cameras; the Ixus range and the Powershot range. The Ixus range focuses on combining style with great photographic ability so perfect for the novice/average photographer in all of us but still giving users the option to explore loads of different shooting modes. Here is a break down of the Ixus 130's features;
It features a super slim body with a stylish finish avaliable in 4 different colours (Silver, Black, Orange and Pink). At an overwhelming 14.1 megapixels you can make crystal clear poster size prints of your photos and a 4.0x opital zoom lets you get even closer. A 28mm wide angle lense which is perfect for capturing landscape shots and means no more "get in, move closer, cant see you" babble while trying to take a group shot. Image stabiliser stops blurs and smart auto mode makes for incredibly easy shooting by detecting the subject, brightness, contrast and distance of your scene and selecting the best settings for optimum results. The 6.9cm LCD screen comes in handy when reviewing photos or making stunning 720p HD movies on your camera (which are of course HDTV compatible). Finally, you'll have loads of fun exploring plenty of creative shooting modes from minature to fish eye!

At £119 (on Amazon) its a bargin compared to the other digital cameras of this quality including many others in the Ixus range. Rest asure you'll be getting far more than you've paid for. Its on my wish list, put it on yours.

If you want to order it online and still get it before Christmas head over to Littlewoods who are promising Christmas delivery for all items ordered before 23rd (however it's only avaliable in black from LW).


Friday, 17 December 2010

Have a HD Christmas with the LG 47LE5900

Christmas is the time people tend to indulge in the bigger purchases in life so i thought now was as good a time as any to review a TV! If you're planning to buy one, getting in there before VAT rises to 20% on the 4th January 2011 is definitely a good idea..! TV's are getting more high tech by the day with 3D TV's now hitting the market in a serious way. As great as they are they'll set you back, way back with RRP anywhere between £1000 to £5000. However the 3D boom is having a very positive effect on rest of the TV market hence why the LG 47LE5900 LED 47" TV is definately worth taking note of. Retailing on Amazon for around £840, its a bargin, if not a steal! For those of you who like me, are a bit thrown by features and specs, here's a breakdown;

It's an LED TV, definitely the best out of the LCD/plasma/LED lineup. Its 1080p (this refers to the resolution, the higher it is the higher the definition) making this TV full HD, the best you can get. Its 100hz (this refers to the refresh rate, meaning the picture changes 100 times per second) making it great for gaming. It features built in Freeview and Netcast which allows you to connect to the internet and makes for perfect viewing of youtube! The 47" screen will make for more than comfortable viewing and give a whole new spin on the cinematic experiance and an ultra silm design means it's perfect for mounting on the wall.

A perfect gift for the whole family this Christmas!

Its avaliable on Amazon for around £865 which is one of (if not the) best price both online and in store!


Wednesday, 15 December 2010

It's time to invest in a Projection Alarm Clock

I always thought these clocks were a bit gimicky, until I was staying at a friends house and woke up in the early hours to find the time clearly projected onto the wall. It was perfect, none of my routine fumbling around in the darkness trying to find my phone and check the time (Im one of those people that has to know what the time is whenever I wake up, weird I know)! The projection clock is definately the way forward, no more bright alarm clock lights shining in you're face all night, just turn the clock away from you and the time will be displayed clearly on the wall in whatever direction you choose! Projection alarm clocks are a great buy (not to mention the added night wall art). They have all the standard features of any other other alarm clock such as FM/AM analogue radio, snooze feature and deul alarms.

There are loads of different designs and retailers so feel free to shop around! Prices for projection clocks range from around £20 to £50 depending on the features and style. I'll post a link to the one my friend recommended below (£29.95);


Monday, 13 December 2010

Toy Watch? Hello BCBG Max Azria Elite Sport!

Finding the perfect watch has been the ultimate test for me this Christmas. I don’t think I’ve ever shopped around this much for an item!? A watch is essentially your most important piece of jewellery as it’s the one you’re going to be wearing pretty much all the time! The neon coloured toy watches are really ‘in’ (for want of a better word!) at the moment and it seems that BCBG Max Azria has its own very appealing take on them! For those of you who don’t know, BCBG Max Azria is a global fashion house originally created by a French designer.
The perfect gift for those who aren’t afraid of bold colour and are looking for a more unique take on other coloured watches, this will definitely get you noticed. Move over Toy Watch (well, stand by, we still love them) brighten up your winter with a BCBG Max Azria Elite Sport!

If you’re a fan of these original timepieces, get one from Goldsmiths online for £165.


Sunday, 12 December 2010

Guerlain says Insolence isn’t a sin this Christmas...!

 It’s the same story as the aftershave I recently featured (Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch). When recommending a fragrance it has to be the scent I’ve been obsessed with for the past year! Insolence by Guerlain. I first discovered it through a friend and since I started wearing it I’ve had a lot of people ask me about it and most of my friends now have a bottle so there’s no doubt that it’s a popular choice. Its modern, predominately floral, slightly fruity and subtly sweet. 

It’s a beautifully feminine scent with hints of violet and is perfect for girly girl in you. It will have everyone asking "What perfume are you wearing?"

Its avaliable as a gift set from House of Fraser for £48. The set includes 50ml of Insolence, 75ml bottle of body lotion and a 15ml purse spray.,default,pd.html?cgid=105

Go to the Guerlain fragrance counter in any department store and ask for Insolence (Eau De Toilette)


Finish first this Christmas with Gran Turismo 5

Video Games are the timeless man gift, played by guys of all ages. You’ll know if the man you’re buying for is a gamer and if he is then Gran Turismo 5 is for him. It’s the 5th instalment of the Gran Turismo racing series and is currently the ultimate racing game. With up to 1,000 cars, 26 different locations and over 70 track variations there is a huge playground of automotive enjoyment for players to explore. Gamers will also be able to take part in online races with 16 other players and there is even the option for night racing (which I’m sure is super exciting!?).

The only down side is that Gran Turismo 5 is only available on Play Station 3!

Available in store and online from Game for £39.99


Smell 'Fierce' with Abercrombie & Fitch

Aftershave is always a popular gift at Christmas for men and with all the gift sets available at this time of year, you're never lost for choice! However if I had to pick one to recommend it would be my all time favourite scent for men; Abercrombie & Fitch's signature scent, Fierce. Although it's not a new fragrance and to be honest most people probably already know about it, I'm yet to find anything that beats it, so naturally it had to be the one I listed. Obviously it’s pretty hard to describe a fragrance but I’d say it’s a bold masculine scent with none of those overbearing 'leathery' undertones you find in some aftershaves. Think white musk and woody scents. It’s not overpowering and the bottle lasts because you don’t need much. Even if the guy you’re shopping for isn’t a fan of the whole Abercrombie/Hollister look, I still think it’s worth being objective about their aftershave and investing in a bottle this Christmas!

You can order it directly from the Abercrombie website, delivery will probably take about 5-7 working days or if you’re in London, visit their flagship UK store in Saville Row and pick up a bottle.

Fierce comes in 3 sizes with prices ranging from £44 to £74.


Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Every Girl Gift - Benefit's Primpcess Palette

Benefit is an infamous cosmetics company, known to girls the world over, made popular through its fun packaging and exciting range of products and colours. I’m not normally a fan of make up palettes as they never seem to have exactly what I want, I’d rather mix and match myself! That is until on a trip back from Australia this duty free dream appeared in the in-flight magazine, Benefit’s Primpcess Set! For those who tend to stick to neutral eye make up, brown tones etc, this is perfect or just as a general day make up set for any girl. It’s very similar to Benefit’s Big Beautiful Eyes Palette (for those of you that own it).

The Primpcess Set includes Bo-ing Concealer in No. 2 (hides dark circles), Creaseless cream eye shadow in RSVP (which can be used as a lid base), 3 powder eye shadows for base, contouring and lining (very similar to the ones in the Big Beautiful Eyes Palette), a mini version of there renowned Bad Girl Mascara in black, an eye bright instant eye highlighter, brushes and a tutorial booklet! 

This palette is perfect for any girl who’s into her cosmetics and it’s based on neutral shades so you know you can’t go too far wrong and considering its got all the basic eye make up you’ll ever need, it’s well priced at £25. 

The Primpcess Set is available exclusively online from the Benefit website - click the link below;


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Cosy up with a Kindle this Christmas!

The Kindle is the perfect gift for book lovers this Christmas! The best way to describe it is as a portable electronic library. Designed by Amazon, the newest version of the Kindle can store up to 3,500 books and has built in Wi-Fi and 3G for use at home or away! Its specially designed screen makes for easy reading even in bright sunlight. The kindle store offers over 400,000 books that are available for you to start reading straight away and some classic books are even free! Charge your Kindle and it will run for up to a month without recharging. 

Weighing only 241g and at 9mm thick, all in all the Kindle is a very nifty little gadget that allows the owner to carry their personal library with them wherever they go! Suitable for all ages.

The Kindle retails for £109 with Wi-Fi and £149 for 3G and Wi-Fi. Both are available online directly from Amazon;


If you want some Kindle book recommendations from a Kindle lover, why not check out Mckinseyann's Book Rave;

Splash Out with Laura Mercier

If I could only recommend one body and bath gift set this Christmas it would be Laura Mercier’s Almond Coconut Bath and Body Quad. Laura Mercier always delivers high quality products and this bath foursome gift set is no different. The set includes a Soufflé Body Crème, Honey Bath Gel (including a wooden honey dipper), Sugar Body Scrub and an Almond and Coconut milk Candle packaged in 4 separate glass jars, all of which smell stunning! Everything you need for the best bath ever.  This is the perfect gift for her, especially if its someone who you are unsure of what to buy.

This is guaranteed to win over any bath lover and let's face it, who doesn’t love baths!

It's available at Laura Mercier counters across the UK and also online from House of Fraser for £60


Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Dont give a present, gift an experience this Xmas!

This is the perfect present for the person who has everything or for couples who fancy trying something new together, instead of indulging in the more traditional material goodness. Red Letter Days offer a huge range of experiences for you to choose from, suitable for both him and her! Why not give the opportunity to drive fast expensive cars for the day to your boyfriend, brother, son or dad? Or give your parents or partner the chance to indulge in afternoon tea for two at a top hotel? Or give your friend the ultimate treat with a Spa day for two? There are hundreds more experiences available including an intensive salsa dancing workshop for two, an indoor skydiving experience or a Thames lunch cruise for two.  

Lots of websites offer these kind of packages so make sure you shop around to get the best price but visit
to get a feel for the options available to you.


Every Home needs a Yankee Candle (or 3...!)

Smell a candle in a shop and it smells amazing right? Buy it, get it home, burn it, can’t smell a thing? It’s so annoying! Cue Yankee Candles, the biggest scented candle retailer in the US and they smell phenomenal! They sell an abundance of scented gems from Vanilla Cupcake and Fruit Salad to Christmas Eve and Mountain Lodge (my personal favourites).  They’ll never fail to fill your room with a delicious subtle fragrance and are perfect for relaxing, entertaining or just making your home smell good all year round!  Yankee Candles come in a variety of sizes and they also have a vast range of other products including car air fresheners, room sprays, lip balms and reed diffusers. Prices range from £1.10 for a small sampler candle (a great way to try a sent before you buy a bigger version) and £17.49 for the biggest jar candles.

Lucky for us, all their gorgeous products are available online through Yankee Direct. There's currently up to 50% off some of their Christmas candles and free delivery for orders over £30;


A great little gift for mums, girlfriends, grandmas and just girls in general this Christmas!


Monday, 6 December 2010

The Ultimate Gift this Xmas - iWant iNeed iPad

It shouldn’t be dismissed as just a big iTouch...although that is exactly what it is. The iPad sits somewhere between a Mac Book and an iTouch. Don’t think that having a laptop renders the IPad useless, it’s the ultimate gadget and proves that Apple continues to deliver innovative products time after time. It’s the luxury gift this Christmas for those looking to splash some cash. The iPad is undoubtedly the best way to experience the web, email, photos, e-books and videos. There are thousands of exciting apps available at your fingertips and many specifically for the iPad.  The tablet style device was launched in the UK earlier this year and has a 9.7inch LED screen, weighs 700g and is 0.5 inches thick.

For more information about the iPad visit the link below;

Such a great gift obviously comes with a hefty price tag but I guarantee you - it's worth it. The iPad retails from £429 for the basic 16GB without 3G connection to £699 for the 64GB with 3G connention.

Click on the link below to buy directly from Apple;

"iPad - you give one present. They get thousands."


Thursday, 2 December 2010

All he wants for Xmas is COD - Black Ops...!

As much as it pains me to write this next post, I’m well aware that it is probably on every boy's wish list this Christmas...! Call of Duty – Black Ops. It’s a video game and Black Ops is the latest title from Call of Duty series. The game allows players to become members of an elite Special Forces unit and engage in covert warfare, secret operations and explosive conflicts around the world. If you’re planning to buy this for someone you live with, I feel it’s only right to warn you that it will undoubtedly turn your home into a war zone, the sound of heavy artillery fire will become a regular occurrence and you won’t see him for hours at a time (unless he ‘dies’ of course) and when you do it will only be to tell you how many ‘kills’ he has made.

However, buy this for your boyfriend, brother, son (or flatmate!) this Christmas and its guaranteed to make his year!

Remember there is a different version of the game for each console so check whether he has an Xbox 360, Play Station or if he needs the PC edition etc.

Available from Game (in store or online) with prices ranging from £24.99 to £39.99 depending on your console.


Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Christmas Nail Polish - Stocking Filler

Searching for the perfect Nail Polish for the festive season?

Look no further. Ruby Pumps by China Glaze is the way forward. As much as I love wearing neon, brights and pastel shades in the summer, they just dont seem right during these wintery months! Ruby Pumps by China Glaze applies as a deep shimmery red colour and is very wearable. Its subtle yet super Christmassy! Great as a stocking filler or as part of a Secret Santa present and would suit all ages!

I bought mine at Sally's but if you don't have a stockist near you, it's available on Amazon for £7.95

China Glaze - Ruby Pumps - Amazon


Sex and The City - Take 2

Sex and The City 2 has just been released on DVD and I’m sure all die hard SATC fans can’t wait to relive the fashion, romance, drama and hilarious encounters of our 4 favourite New Yorkers. Follow Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte on a glamours trip to Abu Dhabi where their stay is anything but peaceful and we wouldn't have it any other way! Christmas is all about films and what better way to kick start a Girls Night In! If the one you're buying for doesn't have the first film, why not buy them both!? SATC marathon anyone?

Zavvi are currently selling SATC 2 for £11.95 inc free UK delivery.
(You'll also be able to find the first film on there for £4.85


Charm-ing Jewellery from Thomas Sabo

Jewellery is a gift that is likely to go down well with any girl and Thomas Sabo allows you to add your own personal touch to a range of bracelets and necklaces by choosing from hundreds of adorable charms, without the Tiffany price tag.

They have recently released their Autumn/Winter 2010 collection of charms which includes a Polar Bear, a Snow Flake with a Crystal Centre, a chestnut coloured UGG boot, an Ice Skate and a Penguin (all priced around £45). In general charm prices range from £15.95 to £84.95. Necklaces range from £6.95 to £65.95 and Bracelets from £15.95 to £39.95. They also sell a range of ready made pieces. Thomas Sabo is available to order online, in Selfridges and in many other stores across the UK (check their website for your nearest stockist).

Festive, memorable and the perfect gift for a girlfriend, best friend or any female relation.